Be a better parent with two kids

Are you expecting your second child? Maybe wondering how that will be and how it will affect your current child? It will be an adjustment for everyone. You thought you had no time for me-time with one kid, but you will soon realize that you did. At the same time, your heart will grow bigger when you thought it couldn’t. 

If you are soon to be a parent of two and are worrying about your older one, the solution could be babywearing. Not only making your life easier in so many ways but also making you a better parent for both your children. With the baby carrier or the wrap, you get two free hands, which make it easier to do things around the house, and it also gives you two free hands to attend to your toddler. Here are some examples. 

Holding hands

Your toddler is used to having full attention from at least one or even both parents, all the time. Having to share attention will be a big change for her. A newborn baby takes up most of the parents time. When carrying in a baby carrier or a wrap, you have two free hands. You can hold the hand of your toddler when you go out for a walk, around the house and when she needs help getting upstairs or on to a bike for example. Creating closeness and security, and that you are there for her. Your life becomes more mobile, and you are able to go out for that walk together, while the little one naps on your chest. 

At the playground

The time to do things that your toddler loves will demand more planning. Going to the playground can be a bit of a hustle now with a newborn, but you should still take the time to go. You can, and should certainly share so that the toddler gets 100% time and attention from one parent, but it can also be good to go with the whole family or one parent with both kids. Having your newborn in a baby carrier gives you the possibility to play, help your toddler and push the swing for example. 

Arts and crafts

If your toddler likes colouring, playdough or other kinds of crafts, it is easy for you to help out while babywearing. It’s not only the two free hands that you get from babywearing, but it’s also a happy baby that doesn’t disturb you from giving the attention that is needed. 

Read a book

If you carry your newborn baby in a baby wrap, it can be easier to read a book with your toddler. The Najell WRAP has no knots on the back, making it easy to sit on the sofa and read a book. In the wrap, your newborn feels safe and comfortable, while you can use your other two hands to hold the book and attend to your toddler. 

The list never ends…

The list of things you can do while babywearing doesn’t really have any limits. You get two free hands and can participate in your children’s games and give a hand when needed. A newborn usually feels safe and comfortable while being carried close to their parents. While your little one is happy in a carrier, your toddler gets your full attention. 

Be a better parent and start babywearing. It’s also an easy way to give your partner some time for themselves if you can bring both kids out for a walk. 

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