Do I need a Footmuff?

Do I need a footmuff

A footmuff is not always at the top of the purchase list when you are preparing for the arrival of your baby. You might wonder if you really do need a footmuff. And the short answer is yes. Here in Scandinavia, we use footmuffs for around 9 months of the year, from early fall until late spring. 

Compared to many other baby products, a footmuff can be used from newborn and up to three years old, or even longer, if you are still using a stroller. So the lifespan is longer than for many products that you only use for a couple of months. 

Having a warm and cosy footmuff in the pram and stroller will make your walks much more fun and comfortable. Everyone will enjoy it more. 

But what should you think about when choosing a footmuff?

There are a few things to consider, to make sure you make the right choice. In general, you want high quality, universal fitting and something warm and comfortable for your baby. Continue reading to learn what you have to consider when buying a footmuff. 


And with the adjustability, we are not only referring to the size. It should be adjustable to fit different strollers and preferably all strollers. It should also be adjustable from pram to stroller and according to the baby’s size and preferences. Not, but not least it should be adjustable to the weather and how cold it is outside. Zippers that go all around the footmuff and make it possible to remove the front part, make it easier to open and close according to what is needed.  


During the colder days of winter, you want to be sure that your baby is warm inside the footmuff. Both when you are out for a walk or if you choose to have your baby sleep in the pram or stroller during the day. 

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Many people think that you have to buy down or wool to be sure that your baby is warm. But that is for sure not the case. Synthetic fibres can be very warm and have advantages over natural fabrics. For example, down, has the benefits of being both light and warm, but on the downside, stop keeping you warm when it gets in contact with water.

Sorona is a synthetic fibre that is partly made out of recycled material and is a great, animal-friendly alternative to down and wool. 

Look & functionality

There is no reason for look and functionality not working together. Parents put a lot of focus on the look of the stroller, along with the functionality of course, and then it’s important that the footmuff looks nice and matches your nice looking stroller. Black works with almost everything, but if you have a grey stroller a matching footmuff might be the best choice. 


If we want to stop global warming, we do need to consume more responsibly. That doesn’t mean that we should stop consuming, but buy good quality that lasts and has different functions and adjustability. You should be able to use the same footmuff from newborn to three years and then pass it down to future siblings or cousins. 

When buying products for your child, you should always make sure all material is Oeko tex class 1, standard 100 certified. The best choice for your baby.

The Footmuff Winter Cover

While designing the Footmuff Winter Cover, all these points were taken into consideration and important that the product would fulfil all the criteria. The Winter Cover fits in all prams and strollers on the market and in the baby nest SleepCarrier. The filling is made out of Sorona, a recycled material that is both fluffy and warm. Made to last and be the best option for your baby. 

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