10 fun & creative Halloween Baby Carrier costumes!

Halloween Baby Carrier Costumes

Heading out for a trick-or-treat with the family on Halloween? If you have a newborn or a toddler, there are some amazing baby carrier costume ideas out there. Searching the internet you can find some great ideas, from easy DIY project to more advanced, store-bought options. Instagram is also a good source and using the hashtag #babywearingcostumes gives you a long list of ideas and inspiration. 

Wearing a baby carrier is the perfect way to get around easily during the trick-or-treating, and you can leave the stroller at home. We have gathered some of our favourite ideas and creative ways to wear a costume AND a baby carrier.

Take a look, you might get some fun ideas for Halloween or at least it will put a smile on your face. We are really impressed with parents imagination and creativity. 

Movie theater pop corn costume!

Pop corn baby carrier costume

Picture from thisplaceisnowahome. This cute costume is pretty easy to make at home and if you follow the link you can find instructions.

Cute little pumpkin!

Pumpkin baby Carrier Costume

This photo we got from mamabee.com. You can find several different baby carrier and pumpkin ideas browsing the web. This one seems quite easy to make at home and comfortable for both the parent and the baby. 

Eggs and bacon!

Picture from the Instagram account: wrapyourbaby. A cute and comfortable costume for the baby, but probably you need to have some basic sewing skills to make it at home. 

Thieves with a moneybag!

Photo from the Instagram account enjoythechase. This is a pretty simple idea and makes it easy for the whole family to be wearing the “same” costume. You can find several different versions of this costume idea on the internet.

Little red riding hood and the wolf!

Picture from the instagram accoutn iandisurfvive. Probably one of the sweetest wolves out there.

Lobster and the chef!

Photo from the instagramaccount Erinashleen. The cutest lobster ever!

Rapunzel and her castle!

Rapunzel and her Castle baby Carrier custome

The photo is from coolest-homemade-costumes.com. On their website, you can find out how it was made. 

Super Mario Bros family!

Photo from the Instagram account: Justsamsofar. This family made this super cute Super Mario costume for the whole family.

Cute little ghost!

Ghost baby carrier costume

The picture is from wrightingitdown.com and you can find instructions on the website for how to make the costume!

The presidential babies!

Photo from the Instagram account: Meganjeyifo. A super fun and easy way to make a costume with a baby carrier.

If you don’t have a baby carrier, you can get one now in our web-shop! If not for Halloween, it’s great for all kinds of everyday activities!

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