najell easy baby carrier

How to pick the right baby carrier for your baby

Are you expecting your first child, or have you recently become a parent? You will enter a completely new lifestyle – mostly thrilling and amazing, but also a bit scary and exhausting. 

With a baby carrier you can have both hands free, bond with your baby and at the same time do whatever you want.  When choosing the right baby carrier you need to think about a few different things.

What to think about when choosing a baby carrier

The list of different baby carriers on the market is endless. It’s important to choose the one that suits you and your family’s life and that makes life as a parent easier.

  1. How old will the baby be when carrying? It’s good to research from what age you can start using the baby carrier, and how heavy or old the baby can be in it. 
  2. Who will carry the most? Some baby carriers are better developed than others when it comes to fitting many different body types and sizes. Therefore, it’s really important that all possible “main carriers” try on the baby carrier to make sure that it’s comfortable on the body and easy to adjust. 
  3. When will you carry your child? Will it most likely be during shorter strolls in the city, or for longer distances in nature? The longer you plan to use the baby carrier, the bigger need for ergonomic support. 
  4. What position(s) do you want to carry your baby in? If you want to be able to shift between parent facing, forward facing and back carrying you should probably go for a high quality carrier. In that way, you can always be sure that the baby’s position is ergonomically correct. 
  5. How easy is the carrier to use? If it comes with an endless list of instructions, complicated adjustments and settings, maybe you should think twice before buying.
  6. Is the baby carrier safe? For the baby’s safety, you need to examine the production and manufacturing of the product. Are textiles safe? Is it safety tested and approved as a hip-healthy product?

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Najell easy – a simple and safe baby carrier

Najell’s products are developed to fit both the parents and the baby’s needs. A baby carrier from Najell grows with the child and is made to be able to be used from day one.

On the Najell Easy, there are no buckles that are hard to reach and the flexibility of the inner panel makes it easy to fit different sizes for comfortable carrying for both the child and the one who is carrying. Without fuzz, you can easily change positions between parent facing, forward facing and back carrying. Najell Easy can be used from newborn, up to the baby is 18 months old. So you can be free to enjoy life together.