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The story behind the Najell logo

You might have seen it. Najell is re-defining the website, the overall brand look and now the logo. All to make a better experience for all urban parents out there. And, for you to get to know us a little bit better.

An snapshot of the design process at the headquarters

The birth of a new icon

The birth of the new logo, with a shape resembling the one of a tulip, came quite naturally. The shape can be found in the first sketches of the Najell SleepCarrier, the first Najell product and a product revolutionizing the babynest market in 2012.

The tulip was in fact a source of inspiration for the design, form and function of the babynest. The short sides are designed in a way that the Najell Babynest Sleepcarrier can be opened up or closed. Just like a flower.

If you have a close look, you can also see the logo’s pattern in the design of other Najell products. Beside the babynest Najell SleepCarrier, the baby carriers Najell Easy and Najell Original, and the Najell Footmuff also have the characteristic shape.

najell easy beige
Najell Easy Breezy Beige

Products designed with parents in mind

There is a clear thought behind the functions and design of each product. Additionally, the products are always designed and developed with parents in mind. The product development is taking place at the Swedish headquarter in Lund, Skåne – from the sketch of the first idea at the drawing table, to the finishing touches and testing of the final product. The founder of Najell, Niklas, talks further about the development of new products:

“All products from Najell are designed to grow with the baby. Each product goes through a thorough design process and is developed with care and attention. We want all our products to be timeless in design, have high quality and be used year after year.”

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