Why a pre-tied baby wrap?

As mentioned in many of our earlier blog posts, babywearing is great for you and it’s great for your baby. It gives you two free hands, strengthens the bond between you and your baby and makes your baby happier (according to research), to name a few. Babywearing in general simply makes the busy life as a parent a little bit easier, while your baby gets the closeness that is needed. 

Carrying a baby using baby carriers, wraps or slings may seem like a new phenomenon, but has in fact been around for centuries. But why should you get a pre-tied baby wrap?

Why choose a wrap?

First of all, what are the benefits of wraps, compared to other carrying options? All types of babywearing are great. But the main reason for choosing a baby wrap is that it’s hard to match the closeness and snug feeling that you get in a baby wrap. The baby is close to you and can feel and hear the parents heartbeat. It’s about as close to being in the womb as your baby can get after entering the world. Wraps come in different fabric and sizes, and you have different options of both styles and design. 

However, it takes a certain amount of exercise and skill to use a wrap well and in the right way. Of course, you can learn it, but it will probably take a few goes before you get it right. It does take a little longer to put on compared to a carrier and can create insecurity for a stressed parent. You might feel overwhelmed and afraid of doing it the wrong way, with the most precious thing you own. 

The pre-tied baby wrap

While the wrap is often considered as the softest and most comfortable way of carrying a newborn, the wrapping is also one of the most complicated parts. As new parents are often insecure about wrapping 5 meters of fabric, they choose to not do it. They miss out on the whole babywearing, especially during the first few weeks or until they start using a baby carrier.  

Najell WRAP – The pre-tied baby wrap

Encouraging carrying in all forms, we believe babywearing should be possible for everyone. With that in mind, the Najell WRAP was designed. The simplicity of a baby carrier with all the benefits of a wrap. Enabling all parents to enter the world of babywearing, while limiting the worries about doing it the wrong way. 

A pre-tied baby wrap removes the insecurity when you are taking your first steps into parenthood. The simplicity can be priceless during that period in life, with sleepless nights while you are adjusting to your new role as a parent. 

The Najell WRAP is a pre-tied baby wrap and as simple to put on like a t-shirt. Fast and simple while you can feel safe that you are doing it the right way.