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Najell founder Niklas Najafi Kristensen is the 2024 Lund Entrepreneur of the Year

What started out as a difficult and testing experience of getting their baby niece to sleep is now a success story. Much has happened since Lund couple Niklas and Freja Najafi Kristensen founded Najell and started sketching the very first product in the fall of 2012. The company has grown into an organization with 33 employees, won several awards for its products and most recently been named a Gazelle company 2023 by DI Gazelle. Now the awards continue and on Thursday Najell and CEO Niklas Najafi Kristensen were named Entrepreneur of the Year in Lund.  

Lund's business prizes are awarded once a year in Stadshallen in Lund and on Thursday Niklas Najafi Kristensen received the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award with the motivation:   

"With a refreshing attitude in a traditional industry, this company offers the next generation of urban parents products that combine sustainability, safety and quality with an attractive expression. Impressive and steady growth points to a bright future as a shining star in the industry."  

The award is given to a company that has demonstrated outstanding performance, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The key values that have driven Najell's growth are the courage to test the waters, to dare to challenge conventional thinking and not get stuck in lengthy processes. It is this culture of being agile and focusing on getting things done that has made Najell the successful organization it is today.   

"You have to shoot a lot to be able to score in both basketball and as a company," says Niklas Najafi Kristensen, CEO of Najell. "We are a great team where each individual contributes to our collective success by sharing our values, striving to constantly improve and making sure we have fun along the way."   

Najell is now present in several different markets and their popular products are used by pregnant women and parents all over the world. The plans for the future are to continue the same good growth and Najell expects to have 40 employees by the end of the year. Despite their growth plans, Najell continues to focus on their core values and culture as a key to their success going forward.  

"The more we grow, the stronger the culture at Najell becomes. Together we focus on promoting creativity, collaboration and personal development. Empowerment both internally in the organization and externally for customers" concludes Niklas.   

Om Najell AB

Najell er en førende aktør inden for børneprodukter og forældreskab med base i Lund, Sverige. At give forældre mulighed for at leve deres liv efter deres egne regler ved at tilbyde innovative og brugervenlige produkter af høj kvalitet er kernen i Najells værdier. Virksomheden blev grundlagt i 2012, da grundlæggerne Niklas og Freja indså behovet for at kunne vugge børn i søvn og bevæge dem uden at vække dem. Denne indsigt førte senere til lanceringen af det prisvindende SleepCarrier-produkt i 2014.


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