Tilføjet til indkøbskurven
Best tips when flying with a baby

Best tips when flying with a baby

Flying with your newborn can be challenging in several ways but there are lots of easy ways to help make life on the go easier and more enjoyable for the entire family.

Here are 5 of our best recommendations when flying with your newborn:

If your baby's ears seem to hurt from air pressure changes during takeoff and landing, encourage him to breastfeed or suck on a bottle, pacifier, or sippy cup. This reduces the air pressure making the baby feel more comfortable. Try and book the bassinets available on most longer flights. The SleepCarrier fits right in the bassinets giving your baby a comfortable and safe surrounding that reminds them of home in the midst of the new impressions.

Crossing time zones and worried about upsetting your baby's schedule? Try shifting your baby's sleep schedule over a few days leading up to your departure and exposing him to sunlight once you reach your destination. You may also want to keep the same schedule in the new time zone if that works best for you. Bring a hat to shade your baby from the sun in warm weather or keep him warm in cool weather. Bring a baby carrier along to make you more mobile and to help your baby feel safe and at home with you at all times.

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