Tilføjet til indkøbskurven

Finding time to exercise with a new family member

It’s not easy to start exercising after giving birth. Sticking to your exercise plan was a struggle before and now it might feel almost impossible. You have trouble finding time to go to the bathroom, so how should you find time to work out? Your body is recovering from giving birth and those little miracles take up most of your time. 

However, for most of us, exercising makes us feel good in numerous ways. Therefore, we recommend that you try to start with some kind of exercise, as soon as you feel your body is ready. You should always listen to your body and console with a healthcare professional if you are not sure if you are ready or how much your body can handle.

Are you struggling with finding time for your workout? Read our suggestions, they might help you figure out a solution.

Wake up before everyone else

Most new parents struggle with finding time to work out. Try exercising early in the morning. Maybe it is hard to get out of bed, but it can be the perfect start to your day. Go up and workout before your partner goes off to work and your kids wake up. It will be easier if your child is sleeping through most of the night, but you can also take a nap when the baby is napping. You might even be up anyways. Get your workout gear ready the night before and it will be easier to get up and out of the house. A 20-30 minute workout is usually enough to get your pulse up and release some endorphins. It will make you happier and your day better. 

Schedule time for workout

The time when you could make sudden decisions is gone. Just going for a run when you feel like it, or meeting up with a friend at the gym on a short notice, is not possible any more. Schedule the time you are going to work out. It is more likely that you will do it. Tell your partner that you will work out at a previously decided time. Make sure this is your time and he or she is home in time. When children have been added to the equation, preparation is very important. Have your gear ready for workout, decide when you will work out, for how long and plan what you are going to do.

Plan your exercise

Planning your workout before heading out, will make it more efficient and you will get a more quality workout. If you show up at the gym without a plan, most of your time will be used to decide what to do. Decide how long you will run and how fast, how far you will swim or how many push-ups to do. A planned workout, with a pre-decided goal, will make your workout count. 

If you have a hard time creating a workout plan, console with a personal trainer, find a program online or subscribe to an app that will help you. Don’t give up if the first few times are not as effective as you want them to be. Learn from your mistakes and make the next one count more.

Make it work

Our goal is to help you be able to make sudden decisions, like running of to the gym. Our products are designed to make it easier for you to jump out and meet a friend at the gym or in the park. Without disturbing your child's routine. The Najell Easy Baby Carrier makes it easy to put your baby in the carrier and go out for a walk. The SleepCarrier makes it possible to bring your child everywhere without interrupting the sleep routine.

If you have a hard time getting “alone time” to exercise, you can read more about ways you can include your baby in the exercises by clicking the button below.

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