Tilføjet til indkøbskurven


Mom stories: What I wish I knew before giving birth!

About to become a parent? Exciting! We know that the time before the due date can be scary and stressful. People often talk about the negative aspects of labour. You might hear horror stories, read about all the effects on the body or even watch birth videos on YouTube. It's important to remember that childbirth is one of the most empowering things a woman can ever do. And, that you're not alone in your feelings.

We've gathered three stories from three moms. Talking about all the feelings, what they wish they knew or that someone told them before giving birth. Read on below!

Monique, mom to Hild

"My No1 tip is to try to relax and trust your body. All the birth preparation courses were almost unnecessary. When participating in the classes it was great. But there and then, I did not want my partner to say “breeeeeaaaaathe”.

Talk to a colleague or friend with a good childbirth experience and focus on this. Don’t listen to all the horror stories.

And don’t forget the most important item on the packing list for the hospital bag: slippers! I cannot emphasize this enough! I forgot to pack extra socks, so I had to wear the same for the due date and for the days after. I did NOT want to wear shoes, so I had to let the socks go when I came home…"

Margret, mom to Rúnar and Ragnhildur

"First of all, remember to SLEEP when and if you can. You don’t understand how much you need it until after.

To give birth is extremely painful and can be tough, but the reward and feeling after is so unbelievably grand that I would do it all over again and again. I’ve been lucky that both my childbirths have been without complications.

"Don’t think too much about how to do or act. Trust your gut and do what feels right for you."

Freja, mom to Enzo and Vincent

"Prepare yourself that the birth might not be as you’ve planned or wished for. Be open for change. Listen to your body and dare to speak out if something feels off or wrong.

At the end of pregnancy when you feel heavy, awkward and off - and it might even hurt from time to time - it’s easy to feel that you want your body back. Many see childbirth as a final destination. But remember, it’s the beginning of the exciting, fun and rewarding life of being a parent. Things will hurt, such as breastfeeding, hemorrhoids or even walking. You’re not alone in this. There’s a lot of help to get - but you need to ask for it. Don’t wait until someone asks about how you feel.

"I could never have imagined the feeling of seeing my child for the first time. It was completely and utterly breathtaking, but also quite surreal."

I could never have imagined the feeling of seeing my child for the first time. It was completely and utterly breathtaking, but also quite surreal. You might be completely exhausted, tired and beaten and have a hard time understanding the situation. Or, you can be overwhelmed by emotions. Just remember, both are completely okay."

The preparation lists you need

A lot of parents-to-be question how they can prepare, what they need and what they can expect of parenting. And this is understandable. An entirely new world is opening up. We have the lists of what to get before the baby comes.

It can be frustrating when it takes time to get your baby to breastfeed. Be patient if it doesn’t work immediately, but remember to ask for help. Both the hospital and your midwife will be able to guide and help you.

"Bring real food, savory snacks and sandwiches. Or, many alternatives. We only had sweets and candy and it wasn’t a craving at the time."