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Spoon Fed vs Baby Fed

Spoon Fed vs Baby Fed 

The 6-month mark is approaching, and you’ve got all the gear ready. Bib- Check. Sippy Cup- check. Bowl and Plate- Check. Spoons- Check. But the spoons are coming with short handles, long handles. What’s the difference?  

What is the difference between a feeding spoon and a baby spoon? 

You may not know there is a difference between spoons and that’s fine! But it’s something to keep in mind when embarking on the weaning journey. Typically, a baby feeding spoon will have a long handle and a shallow bowl and are for parents to spoon feed their child. 

A baby spoon tends to have a short handle with a shallow bowl and are designed for a baby to feed themselves. 

What should I be looking out for when choosing a spoon? 

There are a few things to look out for when purchasing spoons for your child. Firstly, the spoon should be completely free of harmful materials like BPA, BPS, lead and preservatives.  

Try to choose a spoon that offers a soft tip, such a silicone so it feels soft and comfortable in the baby’s mouth.  

The handle design is a key thing to look for. Most parents find that spoons with ergonomic and long handle are easier to use for feeding their baby’s, while babies will need an ergonomic and short handle to feed themselves. A non-slip material makes spoons easier to grip. 


When can a baby spoon feed themselves? 

There isn’t really a wrong or right time to offer your baby a spoon. If you choose to go down the baby-led weaning route it's inevitable that a baby will dive straight in with their hands to taste, smell and feel all the different textures in front of them. It’s worth offering one or two spoons (we know that at least one will be thrown on to the floor!) just to get them familiar with it. Even if they initially show no interest, it's all part of the process of introducing them to cutlery and learning new skills. 

If your baby is not interested in using a spoon at the beginning, that is totally fine! Each baby is different and will work at their own pace. By repeatedly offering them a spoon, they can choose when they want to use it without any pressure.   

How do I spoon feed my baby? 

Spoon feeding is such a great way to help your baby place their tongue in the proper place to push food toward their throat. Couple of great tips are: 

  • Start with food at the tip of the feeding spoon to help your baby get used to it and you can gradually build it up over time. 

  • Bring the spoon toward your baby’s mouth, waiting for them to open and accept the spoon. Reading your baby’s cues is essential.  

  • Try and sit at eye level with your baby, rather than standing over them - it will prevent them from looking up as much and help them swallow more comfortably.    

  • Be patient and allow your baby to push the food backward and swallow. This may take a second or two and you may notice your baby pushing the food back out and then swallowing. With practice this suckle reflex (a forward/backward motion) will begin to fade out and will gradually swallow more food than they push out. 

  • Practice. Reading your baby’s cues, smiling and talking to them is all part of the social and fun experience. Learning cues such as opening their mouth when the spoon is near them, or gazing at the food are great indicators that they are interested.  

However you decide to feed your baby, getting the right spoons involved can be very beneficial to their weaning journey. As part of the Najell Feeding Collection, we have included a set of feeding spoons and baby spoons. 

Najell Baby Spoons 

This pair of Najell Baby Spoon’s are made from soft silicone and an ergonomic handle design making them easy to grip and navigate, giving your little one skills and confidence on their weaning journey. They are designed with a flexible and bendy handles, making mealtime a fun and memorable experience.  

Najell Feeding Spoons 

Make mealtime fun and easy for you to feed your baby with these perfectly proportioned feeding spoons. The flexible and easy-to-grip handle allows you to bend the spoon at any angle, making it perfect for your baby’s weaning journey. These spoons are simple to clean and dishwasher safe, making them a must-have for any parent. Get ready to make mealtime fun with these spoons! 

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