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Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2
Najell Original Volume 2

Najell Original Volume 2

Oat Beige

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  • Easy to use with magnetic buckles

  • Versatile carrying with 5 unique positions

  • Hip Seat included

  • Use from newborn up to 3 years

  • The Najell Original Vol. 2 Baby Carrier is easy to use and adjusts to your growing baby. Both parents can comfortably carry the baby close, with easy one-hand fastening and few settings when changing the baby's position. You have the option of carrying your baby in 5 different positions. Including a pure hip seat, for fast ups and downs. It’s made out of high-quality materials with a clean Swedish design.

    Simplicity with one hand fastening

    The Najell Original is a breeze to put on and off, allowing you to be the best parent for your baby. After putting the baby carrier on you can safely slide the baby inside and easily fasten it with magnetic buckles. Meaning you can put the baby carrier on using only one hand, leaving the other hand free to attend to your baby. That's what makes it so simple and easy to use.

    C-section and post-partum bod friendly

    Many post-partum bodies are sore and tender. With the Najell Original Vol. 2 you have the possibility to carry without a waist belt, removing the pressure on the lower belly. This is especially good for those recovering from a c-section.

    Possible to use as a pure hip seat

    By removing the upper section of the baby carrier, the Najell Original vol. 2 can be used as a pure Hip Seat. Making it possible for fast up and downs, when your baby or toddler wants to be in your arms. The Hip Seat is a great option for quickly carrying your child in your arms, without feeling too much strain on your body and back.

    Pocket included

    When buying the Najell Original volume 2 baby carrier, you get a matching pocket. Perfect for storing all those things you need to be able to grab quickly. Phone, keys, wallet, candy, snacks, pacifier. You name it. The size is 20×15 cm. Read more about the pocket here.

    Hip Healthy Carrier

    All of Najell's baby carriers are recommended as hip healthy carriers by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


    100% Polyester

    All textiles have been tested and approved free from harmful substances by a market-leading test institute.

    All parts have been tested and are free from harmful substances.


    Wash in 40°
    No dry cleaning
    Do not use fabric softener
    Do not tumble dry





    User Manual

    In the user manual you will find instructions on how to use the Najell Original Volume 2.

    You can find the user manual here.

  • What's the difference between the Najell Original Vol.2, Easy & Rise Baby Carrier?

    Can I put the Najell Original Vol.2 Baby Carrier on by myself?

    You can easily put the Najell Original on by yourself, no matter what carrying position you are using. The buckles and settings are specifically designed so that they are not hard to reach or adjust. You can find an instruction video here

    Is Najell Original Vol.2 Baby Carrier ergonomic?

     Yes, the Najell Original vol.2 carrier is ergonomic for both the parent and the baby. It provides a wide seat for a newborn baby, with knee-to-knee support, placing the knees higher than the baby’s bottom. With a soft panel, you can easily move and adjust the position of your baby. When the child is around 6 months, insert the booster seat and the baby gets a sitting position like sitting in a chair.  

    Is using a baby carrier good for my baby?

    The quick answer is yes! Carrying in the Najell Original Vol.2 can be beneficial for both you and your baby. It's good for the baby's health and provides the baby with a sense of security and familiarity and can make life a lot easier and flexible for you as a parent. 

    Which carrying positions can be used with Najell Original Vol.2?

    • Newborn position. Facing inwards (0-6 months) 

    • Sitting Position. Facing inwards (6-36 months) 

    • Sitting Position. Facing forward (6-36 months) 

    • Sitting Position. Back carrying (10-36 months) 

    • Hip seat (6-36 months) 

    For carrying in the newborn position use the zipper on the newborn panel to attach the front panel. Make sure to remove the booster seat from the pocket (the baby carrier arrives in this setting).  
    For carrying in the sitting position, unfasten the booster seat pocket and insert the booster seat and attach the zipper from the front panel to the front of the booster seat pocket 
    For carrying only with the hip seat, remove the front panel and shoulder straps from the waist belt using the turquoise zipper and the booster seat pocket zipper. Make sure the booster seat is inside the hip seat pocket. 

    How do the magnetic buckles work?

    The magnet allows the buckles to lock quickly and easily. The strap is then held together by a mechanical bracket, just like a normal buckle. You open by pushing both turquoise buttons at the same time. 

    How can I adjust the neck support?

    There is an extra panel of material by the baby’s head that can be folded upwards and attached to the inside of the straps. This provides extra neck support for when you carry your baby. The neck support should be up to the middle of the baby's ears and not cover their whole head. 

    Is Najell Original Vol.2 washable?

    Yes. You can machine wash at 40° C. Wash it separately and in a laundry bag to protect the buckles. Use a mild detergent without bleach and do not tumble dry. 

    From what age can I use Najell Original Vol.2? And how long can we keep using it?

    The Najell Original Volume 2 can be used from day one up until 3 years old or 15 Kg. Just make sure that you are choosing the correct carrying position for their age. 

    Are the textiles in the Najell Original Vol.2 carrier safe? For example, if my child sucks on the sling?

    Yes, it´s safe. All textiles have been tested and approved free from harmful substances by a market-leading test institute.
    The belts and buttons have also been tested. This means that all parts are free from harmful substances for you and your baby’s safety!  

    Does the Najell Original Vol.2 fit everyone?

    The Najell Original is made to be adjustable to different shapes and sizes. It is adjustable between different sizes and shapes of carriers (parents) and adjustable towards the baby's development. If you are unsure, we recommend that you try it at one of our retailers, or order one to test on our website. 

    How long can I carry for at a time?

    You can carry your baby in the Najell Original Vol. 2 for as long as your child is happy with it. Remember that small children should not remain still in the same position for too long and pay attention to the child’s signals. 

    When can I carry forward facing in the Najell Original Vol.2?

    If you wish to carry forward facing then we recommend starting around 6 months. This of course depends on the baby's size and needs, but this is usually the point where they can fully support their head. Some babies can't wait to explore the word, while others prefer to always sit facing inwards. 

    Can my baby sleep in the Najell Original Vol.2?

    Yes. The Najell Original Vol.2 carrier provides good support for your child while sleeping and helps them feel close and secure to you. Your child should always be facing inwards when sleeping.  

    Where can I find user instructions for the Najell Original Vol.2?

    You can find all the user instructions in our User Manual.