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Our Story

The story behind Najell

Najell is founded and based in Lund in the south of Sweden, by couple Niklas and Freja. The idea of the first product, the Babynest SleepCarrier was born when Niklas was putting his little niece to sleep and she would wake up every time she was put down.

A part of sharing equally is giving all members of the family the opportunity to shine individually.

Do parenting your way.

Empowering parents to continue to live life according to their own rules entering parenthood is the core of the Najell values together with creating long-lasting products, not just in terms of durability and quality, but also when it comes to a timeless appeal.


The genders are more equal today and households are more equally shared. However, many of the old norms are still a big part of society. We encourage parents to take a big leap forward and shake off all the old norms that might not feel right to you – do it in your own way and re-define the role of parenting. We are here to encourage and support you in your parenting choices.

Be empowered and empower others.

Most of us who have become parents, feel that it’s the most rewarding task that we will ever take on and at the same time the most demanding. It turns your world upside down, but life is definitely not over. It just started. Continue doing all the things that make you, you. The moments with your children will be so much better. Bring them along when you can, but also make sure to have time for yourself. It makes you a better parent and it inspires your children.

Don't choose between being a parent or an individual - Be everything you aspire to be. Happy parents make better parents.


We are a part of the generation that is experiencing the consequences of global warming and we do worry about the environment. The consumer world we live in is harming the environment and it is time for everyone to make responsible choices. It has never been easier to buy and consume – the selection of products is endless. The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and we have to make responsible and sustainable decisions. We are committed to creating products in a responsible way and with as small of an effect on the environment as possible but also to make sure that the products can be used for more than one child. From recycling office trash to environmentally friendly materials and long-lasting products. This is not the end goal but just the beginning.


Creating products with the least impact on the planet possible is our responsibility. Choose quality over quantity. Long-lasting products made of environmentally friendly material can make a difference for future generations. All our products are made to last. When choosing materials for our products, high quality, aesthetics, the environment, and long-lasting are the main criteria. As a global brand, we respect and value the worker’s rights and good working conditions in every country and put a high demand for safe working conditions in our factories.

Together we can make a brighter future for the next generations.

Safe development

In developing our products, we include families at as early a stage as possible with the intent to get information about what is really important. Allowing us to focus on the right things, and to develop things that are in demand. Finally, we put our products through rigorous tests by independent testing institutes. This means we can ensure that we always deliver functionally smart, approved products. Our ambition is that you should always be confident that you are making a safe choice by choosing a Najell-branded product for yourself and your family.