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Najell Raincover
Najell Raincover
Najell Raincover
Najell Raincover
Najell Raincover
Najell Raincover

Najell Raincover

Matte Black

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  • Universal fit

  • Compact storage

  • Easy to bring on the go

  • Perfect for rainy days

  • The Convenient Rain Cover for your Stroller or Pram

    The Najell Rain Cover is a compact, easy to install and convenient to bring Rain Cover for your pushchair, stroller or pram. This offers your baby complete protection from wind, rain and dust. Preparing and protecting you against any of those sudden changes mother nature likes to throw at us.

    The Universal Rain Cover

    Najell’s Rain Cover has a universal fit and works for nearly all strollers, prams and pushchairs on the market. From larger strollers to smaller city models, the Najell Rain Cover has you and your little one covered.

    Compact storage and convenient to bring

    Najell’s stroller Rain Cover folds into itself, taking up virtually no space. Creating a convenient and practical small pouch that can be brought easily to any adventure.

    Perfect for Rainy Days

    Najell’s Rain Cover for stroller is designed to help you do parenting your way. If you and your little one are excited to head out and have adventures, then the rain should be the last thing to stop you. Do the things you want to do, when you want to do them.


    Main Fabric: 100% PA coated Polyester with Bionic Finish Eco

    All parts have been tested and are free from harmful substances.


    Wash at 30°
    Do not tumble dry
    Do not bleach

  • Do I need a Rain Cover for the stroller?

    If you live in a climate where there is rain, then it is a good idea to have a Rain Cover. Because when the weather forecast is inevitably wrong and partially cloudy turns to heavy rain, you're going to need a cover that protects your little one from wind, rain and snow.

    How do I attach the Najell Rain Cover?

    To attach the Najell Rain Cover just put the Rain Cover over your stroller, pram or pushchair. There are no extra attachments or settings. And then to remove, simply take off the Rain Cover and fold it in on itself until it forms a small pouch.

    Are Rain Covers on prams safe?

    Yes, the Najell Rain Cover is breathable and allows air to pass through the pram whilst still protecting them from wind, rain and snow. Using a rain cover or not, you should monitor your baby when they are inside the pram or the stroller.

    Will the Najell Rain Cover fit my stroller, pram or pushchair?

    Yes! Najell’s rain cover has a universal fit, meaning it fits any stroller, pram or pushchair.

    Can I wash the Rain cover?

    Yes! You can wash it at 30 degrees. Make sure to wash it in a laundry bag to protect the cover.