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Product Care Set

Product Care Set

  • Dust Bag for SleepCarrier - Keeps your SleepCarrier clean

  • Laundry Bag - Laundry Bag for SleepCarrier and baby carriers

  • Dust Bag for SleepCarrier

    Take care of your SleepCarrier with the Najell Dust Bag. This zip top dust bag fits all SleepCarrier models and allows you to carry or store your babynest in style. It protects your SleepCarrier from harsh sunlight and helps to keep dust, water, and moisture away.   

    Laundry Bag

    A white laundry bag in a soft mesh for extra protection in the washing machine. The size is 57 x 77 cm and fits all of your Najell products, including your Babynest SleepCarrier. Gentle washing prolongs life and reduces wear and tear. 


    100% Polyester 

    All parts have been tested for harmful substances.


    Dust Bag

    • Wash at 40°C 

    • Do not tumble dry 

    • Do not bleach 


    Dust Bag

    • Length: 80 cm  

    • Height: 25 cm  

    • Width: 20cm