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Najell gets ready for the US market and releases new version of the popular SleepCarrier: SleepCarrier X

In 2014, Najell introduced its first product to the market: the smarter babynest Najell SleepCarrier. Today, the SleepCarrier is a favorite among parents all over the world. Now, ten years later, it is time for Najell to expand into the US market.

"The American market is both exciting and challenging on several levels" - says Niklas Najafi Kristensen, CEO and founder of Najell.

An important step in the preparations has been to reach full compliance for the most popular products and therefore Najell releases a new and updated version of the popular baby nest.

The new version of SleepCarrier also complies with the updated European safety standards from summer 2024 with a focus on being allowed for "unsupervised sleep" or overnight sleep. The SleepCarrier Volume X also complies with the American standard for baby lifts.

Najell continues its green development

SleepCarrier Vol. X is made from 99% recycled or bio-based material, which is good for babies, our production workers, and the environment.

"Our ambition is to keep moving us and the market towards a greener offering" - adds Niklas.

SleepCarrier Vol. X has been extended to accommodate children as they grow, featuring balanced stiffness in the sides compared to previous popular models.

"With our ten years of experience and feedback from parents around the world, we have been able to further refine the design and smart features to meet their needs and wishes." - Niklas continues.

Why Volume X?

SleepCarrier X was named Volume X instead of Volume 4 for two reasons. Firstly, it marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first version of SleepCarrier. Secondly, the number four is sometimes linked with bad luck in certain Asian markets where Najell operates.

Today, Najell is present in several different markets and has in 2023 also set foot in the Chinese market. By offering high quality products and good customer service, Najell has strengthened its brand and continued to gain the trust of customers all over the world.

About Najell AB  

Najell is a leading player in children's products and parenting based in Lund, Sweden. Empowering parents to live their lives according to their own rules, by offering innovative and user-friendly products of high quality, is at the core of Najell's values. The company was founded in 2012 when founders Niklas and Freja realized the need to be able to rock children to sleep and move them without waking them up. This insight later led to the launch of the award-winning SleepCarrier product in 2014.  


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