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The Me Promise

Cut the resolutions about changing who you are. Make a promise to be more you. Download the Me Promise for 2024.
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What's your promise?

Instead of making a New Year's resolution that involves disliking or changing who you are, our goal is to empower you. Make a promise to do you. To do things that empower you. To do all those things that make you, you! Promise to live life as you choose. Promise to stand by your own decision. Promise to take your place. We want to empower you to do parenting your way. 

Download The Me Promise guide to help kick-start your intentions for 2024.

Download the Me Promise

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Feel empowered

Promise to be empowering and feel empowered in every step of your maternity journey. The Najell Maternity Collection is designed to make you feel comfortable and confident whenever you get dressed. Whether it’s maternity trousers, occasion dresses, breastfeeding tops, or carrying jackets, each piece will remind you just how incredible you are.

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Do parenting your way

Promise to do parenting your way. There's no right or wrong way to be a parent - only your way. Najell’s range of babynests and baby carriers allow you to live life as you want. By carrying, you don’t have to choose between doing what you love and attending to your baby. Simply bring your baby along wherever you want to go. 

Break the norms and stop the shaming

Promise to break the norms. Where do we draw the line between shaming and friendly advice? Too many people have opinions on how we raise our children. Something that can make us doubt our parenting choices. Whether it's nursing in public, not nursing at all, baby-wearing, going back to work too early, or staying at home... the list goes on. You should never have to apologize for doing the things you do. Our promise is to continue to work to break the norms, at least when they are holding us back. So you can continue to be you. What’s your promise?