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Baby nest with handles – why is that necessary?

Baby nest with handles – why is that necessary?

Baby nests have become one of the essential products for parents to buy for their newborn baby. With a baby nest, you can have your baby close at all times. In the bed, on the sofa or if you want to make the crib a more cosy and snug sleeping environment. So why do you need a baby nest with handles?

First things first. A baby nest with handles should have a stabilizing board in the bottom for safe carrying and it should be safety tested. There is no existing safety standard for baby nests, but a safety standard for carrycots does exist, that tests how safe it is to carry in and for your baby to sleep in. Najell’s Baby nest SleepCarrier is safety tested according to that standard. 

Why handles?

You will soon learn, especially during the first weeks and months of your baby’s life that the baby nest is the preferred sleeping environment for your baby. You will transfer the baby with you to the sofa and to the pram, but if you want to move a sleeping baby it can be complicated. There is a big chance you will wake up the baby. 

Handles and stable bottom, make it easy to transfer a sleeping baby around the house and to and from the pram. It makes it easy to bring your baby into a restaurant, to a friend's house or to the gym. Your baby has a familiar environment to sleep and play in and you can plan your day, without having to plan around your baby’s naps.

Baby nest SleepCarrier

The Najell Baby nest SleepCarrier is a smarter baby nest, with a stabilizing board and convenient handles that make it easy and safe to carry your baby with you wherever you go. The breathable sides and the firm foam in the bottom make it a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep and be carried in. The SleepCarrier is safety tested according to carrycot standards.

Najell Babynest SleepCarrier