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Choosing A Baby Carrier That Fits Everyone

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Choosing A Baby Carrier That Fits Everyone

A baby carrier is often listed as a necessary piece of baby gear for most parent’s. It’s a great way to bond with your child while having your hands free. You can get things done around the house, attend to your older child and go places you can’t with a stroller. 

Baby carriers for both parents

Baby carriers are often designed for the mother in mind, but are not less important for men. The mother has carried the baby for nine months and often has an easier and more natural way of bonding with her child through breastfeeding. The partner might feel left out and has to put in more work, in the beginning, to create a strong bond with the baby. 

A baby carrier is a great way for the partner to take part in the parenting from the very start and create a bond with the newborn. The closeness, while hearing the parents heartbeat, will strengthen the bond between the parent and the child.

What is a great baby carrier for both parents?

There is no good reason why baby carriers should not be designed with men in mind, just as woman. It’s important that carriers are made to fit different body sizes and shapes, and that are easy to use - for everyone. 

The best baby carriers for parents are both safe for the baby and easy to put on and off. When picking the best baby carrier, that will suit both parents, it’s important that the design is made to fit all body types and that there are no settings to change between parents of different sizes, especially when using the baby carrier regularly. Buckles and straps that are hard to reach, can be an extra threshold for men. Buckling in the back can be close to impossible for men, while women are more used to fastening bras in the back and are in general more flexible. But there is no need for that extra fuzz when putting on a baby carrier. It should be easy, simple and comfortable. 

Comfort is key and that it’s easy to adjust and able to grow with your baby. If you need more than one person to put the baby carrier on, and another 15 minutes to get the settings right, you probably won't use the carrier. And you will probably always be a bit unsure if you're doing it the right way. 

Choose a baby carrier that combines simplicity and comfort. If it looks good as well, you probably won’t take it off!

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