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Your most common questions about footmuffs

Your most common questions about footmuffs

As the arrival of your baby draws near, the list of "must-have" items can seem never-ending. Among the many questions that arise, one often asked is whether a footmuff is an essential item. We've addressed some of your most frequently asked questions to help you decide.

What is a footmuff used for?

Footmuffs are a go-to solution for keeping your little one warm, dry and comfortable when you head out with them. They are the ultimate accessory that resembles a small sleeping bag that attaches to your pushchair or pram. It saves you having to faff around with blankets and gives you a user-friendly and hassle-free experience, whilst protecting your baby in an ever-changing climate.

Is a footmuff essential for your baby's comfort?

A footmuff offers the reassurance that your baby will be at a comfortable temperature whatever the weather. Whether it is a cold winter's day or a cool spring day, a footmuff will cater to all seasons. Most footmuffs are versatile and will not only provide a safe place for your little one, but also offer parents the peace of mind that their baby is warm and protected.

What age can you use a footmuff?

This really depends on which footmuff you buy, however to save yourself having to buy a footmuff everytime your child grows, it is good to look at footmuffs that have long-term use. A footmuff that is newborn-friendly and can be used until they are toddlers or around 3 years old means that it will be a practical accessory for years. It’s also great to look for a universal footmuff, meaning that it will attach to most pushchairs and strollers. 

Are footmuffs safe?

Rest assured, when choosing the right footmuff, it is a safe and secure accessory for your child. When using a footmuff, the child is strapped into the pushchair as normal. The Najell Footmuff is designed with child safety in mind so you can know that they are comfortable and warm, but also secure. 

Do I need a blanket with a footmuff?

When using a well designed footmuff, you typically don’t need extra blankets to keep your little one effectively insulated. A footmuff is designed to remove these layers and extra fuss of blankets out of the equation. This is why a footmuff is such a convenient and practical product as it helps keep your child warm when heading outdoors with little thought required!

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Najell Footmuff: The ultimate pram accessory 

If you’re seeking the perfect solution to keep your little one warm, comfortable and dry over the changing seasons then the Najell Footmuff has got you covered. 

  • Warmth and Comfort: The Najell Footmuff has a thick padded filling and a soft fleece lining, ensuring your child stays warm and snug during cold winter days.

  • Weather-Ready: This footmuff is designed to repel water, keeping your little one dry and comfortable even in damp conditions.

  • Long-Term Use: The unique shape of the Najell Footmuff allows you to use it from day one up to three years, offering long-lasting value and comfort for your child.

  • Universal Footmuff: Designed to fit in all prams and pushchairs, the Najell Footmuff is a versatile addition to your baby gear collection.

  • Adaptable for All Seasons: This isn’t just a winter footmuff.  It features adjustable options, including unzip sides and adjustable poppers or buttons to allow cool air in when the weather warms up.

  • Easy Maintenance: With a wipeable bottom on the inside, you can easily clean it if your little one has muddy shoes, keeping your footmuff fresh and ready for the next adventure.