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Make time for a workout on a tight schedule

Make time for a workout on a tight schedule

In our previous post we suggested how you can find time to workout. When you have made the time, or maybe if you are not able to make the time to go exercise by yourself, we have listed different ways to work out. With or without your child. If you really want to start exercising, but don't seem to find the time, it's time to get creative.

Be creative

Get creative and focus on finding solutions instead of obstacles.  Exercising doesn't have to be going to the gym, running or lifting weights. It can also be going out for a walk or playing in the park. Or putting your baby in the baby carrier and do some squats. Some people are able to workout at home with their child or when the baby sleeps. Others need to get out of the house. Planning and preparing will help you get the exercise done. Decide when you are going to exercise and make it work.

Short but effective

It doesn't matter if you are trying to workout when you have some alone time or when your child is playing or sleeping. Try to make the workout worth your while. You are more likely to continue doing it, if you feel that it’s doable. Maybe you only have time to work out for 20 or 30 minutes. Make those 20 minutes count, you will see results. Push yourself and you will see improvements. You will be able to run faster, become stronger and probably happier as well. The key is to use the time you have well, so that doing the work, will be a more realistic goal. 

Bring your child to the gym

If you are not able to schedule a work out during your "alone time", just bring the baby with you. It may take some time before you two find your best routine. But if you don’t try it, you will not know if it works out or not. You might be able to get a permission at the gym to bring your stroller inside, if there are not too many people working out at the same time. However, the absolutely best solution is our SleepCarrier. You can bring the SleepCarrier with you inside, where your child will be able to continue sleeping. The SleepCarrier can also be used as a play mat and when your child wakes up it can be used to play in. The carrier creates a safe and familiar environment for your child to sleep and play in, that you can bring with you wherever you go. 

Sign up for baby friendly classes!

Most gyms have baby friendly classes, where you can show up with your baby to the workout. Mom-Fitness, Parental-Yoga and Stroller-Fitness where the baby is incorporated in the workout. Going to one of these classes might be the perfect place for you to start exercising again, meeting people in a similar situation and even letting your little one meet other babies. It’s amazing how much babies like other babies. The instructors know what they are doing and what exercises are good for you, that will help your body recover faster.

Why bother?

When becoming a parent it is easy to become isolated. All the focus is on your little one and you might find it more comfortable to stay at home. It's important to pay attention to how you feel and actively try to prevent the feeling of isolation and loneliness by meeting friends, going out of the house to exercise and demanding some time for you. Else you might end up finding yourself lonely, depressed and unsure of who you are anymore.

Exercising, going out of the house and meeting people is usually very good for both your mental and physical health. Our products are made to help you continue being yourself and to keep an active and mobile lifestyle after becoming a parent. Take a closer look at our products be clicking the buttons below.

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