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Hiking with kids - Which Baby Carrier is best?

Yes, life changes as a parent. But it's also easy to forget that much of what you did before having children is still fully feasible. Traveling, discovering and embarking on adventures does not have to be as big a project as you may think when you're safe at home on the couch with a little baby.

Especially not if you have the right equipment.

Hiking is a great way to travel with children. Walk in beautiful environments that are calm, no traffic, without loud noise and polluted air. You move, exercise. And with a good baby carrier you can easily take your baby. They are safe in the harness, have plenty to look at and often sleep very warm and cozy as they sit near you.

So which carrier is best?

There are special hiking backpacks for children. But they cannot be used for infants 0-6 months. At that age, the child needs to sit on your front side and can't sit in the seats that the backpacking harnesses have.

You also might not be hiking so often? In that case you don't have to invest in a special hiking carrier. A regular baby carrier works excellently.

Najell's Baby Carrier can be used for newborns and up to 3 years. As newborns, babies have to sit on your front side, pressed to your stomach. When the children get bigger - which they will soon! It goes fast - you can wear them in the baby carrier on your back.

The Najell Baby Carrier is well suited for hiking because of primarily one reason. It is an ergonomic market leader. The problem with many carriers is that all the weight is on your shoulders. During a long walk it will be strenuous. It places most of the weight on your hips, making it easier and more convenient for you to carry your child. And better for your back.

Another factor: the Najell Baby Carrier is specially developed for your baby's sake. It creates an ergonomic groove position which supports the child's back, which is "C-shaped" and puts your child's leg in a raised leg position that we recognize as "M-shape". This is important during the first six months of the child's life.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends Najell's Baby Carrier as a safe and ergonomic carrier.

Omni has a whole new type of magnetic buckle that is extremely easy to use, it makes hiking easier, it is no problem to move the baby between different carriers and to take a spare diaper, for example.

To keep in mind when hiking with your child:

  • Have plenty of snacks and liquids.

  • Don't forget plastic bags for used diapers so you can carry them out of nature when you leave!

  • Don't dress your child in too much clothing. In a baby carrier, they easily get sweaty and too hot due to your body heat. Protecting them with sunscreen and a hat is a must. Preferably long sleeves.

  • Pack smart. Annoying to have to repack the entire backpack because the kids' water bottles or wet tissues are at the bottom.

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