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How long can I carry in a baby carrier?

A baby carrier is often listed as a necessary piece of gear for most parents. It’s a great way to bond with your child whilst keeping your hands free. You can even bring a baby carrier with you to the hospital and start using it from day one. Most baby carriers are made for carrying babies from newborn to 2-3 years of age. These baby carriers usually have different settings according to the baby’s age.

How the baby carrier grows with your child

Parent facing position for newbowns

During those first months, your little one is exploring the world. All the new impressions, sights and sounds can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s extra important to provide comfort, security and care. Newborns, and babies younger than five months, should therefore always be carried parent facing.

Forward facing position from six months and up

Older babies will actively seek ways to see the world by tossing and turning when carrying. These movements are clues that they want to be forward facing in the baby carrier. Allowing them to follow what's happening. We recommend to not start carrying the baby forward facing before they are about six months and have better control of the body, head and neck.

Hip carrying for older babies up to three years

To carry on the hip is perfect for when the baby wants to be close to you from time to time, but also wants to be able to run around freely. This way of carrying is great for parents with back problems. The weight is distributed evenly and there’s little pressure on the back and spine.

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Najell Original volym 2 - flexibelt bärande i fem olika positioner

Najell Original volym 2 ger möjlighet att bära i fem olika positioner. Med bara en hand och utan att behöva göra några ändringar kan du enkelt justera inställningar, byta mellan olika bärpositioner och lämna över bärstolen till en annan person. Bärselen växer med ditt barn och kan användas från nyfödd till dess att ditt barn är tre år (eller väger cirka 15 kg).