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How safe are Baby Nests really?

How safe are Baby Nests really?

In recent years baby nests have become an increasingly popular product. They are available in a variety of designs and types. They are marketed as beds and play mattresses, but above all as a product you can have in your own bed to protect your child when bed-sharing.

A baby nest is just what it sounds like - a little nest for your baby, a soft mattress with soft sides or edges to prevent the child from rolling out of the product.

But how safe are they actually?

It is not fully mapped out yet.

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In Canada, the public health authority has gone out and warned about baby nests for that very reason. Many of the products have very soft sides or edges, which can pose a danger to young children because of the choking hazard.

It is also unclear if baby nests can really protect children sleeping in them when placed in the parents' bed. Adults can roll over the soft edges and the quilt can end up over children's faces even though they are in a baby nest.

But in other countries it looks quite different. For example, in France, medical personnel encourage the use of baby nests.

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