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9 ways your life will change when you become a dad

9 ways your life will change when you become a dad

Maybe you are about to become a dad for the first time or have recently entered fatherhood? The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." Just like you, the water in the river is ever-changing. Yet, no other change in life will compare to becoming a first time dad.

Below is a short list of how your life changes when you become a father for the first time.

Your "me" time disappears from your schedule.

Most guys need a little time to space out -- to think about nothing in order to recharge. Once you’re a dad, it takes some creativity to recover that ‘’me’’ time. And no matter how much you love being with your new addition, this space will likely feel more needed than ever. You may have to wake up 30 minutes earlier for work, strategise with your partner to grab a few do-nothing breaks, or stay in the toilet a little bit longer just to play that game on your phone. Designating regular time for yourself isn't selfish; it's essential to being a focused dad.

But you will also want to cuddle - a LOT

If you weren't into cuddling before, that's all about to change. Prepare for giving your little baby all your love with hugs, hugs, and more hugs. It may just be the cosiest feeling there is.

Small accomplishments will become big wins

This is applicable to both the parent and child. Your kid ate an entire meal without any arguments? Win! Did you succeed to avoid the pop splash? Big win! Managed to get home from the playground without your kid making a scene? Huge success!

You'll have a lot of opinions about playgrounds and parks

When on parental leave, you will explore a whole new world. The world of playgrounds. Then suddenly, your main goal (besides raising your kid) will be to find the ultimate park for you and your kid to hang out at.

Spending basically all your free time with your partner and baby will be the new social norm

The majority of your time will now be spent with your family. Granting less time to meeting up with friends and doing the other things you used to. You may even feel guilty about leaving them at home when you go to do anything other than work or buy diapers. Now you may pine for the old days from time to time, but, you will (probably) love your new Friday nights enjoying tacos and eating popcorn in front of a movie. And wouldn't change it for the world.

You will enjoy your time with friends even more

Just as you have to purposely set aside some time for yourself and your family, it's important that you pencil in your friends and hobbies as well. Even if it's considerably less time than before. The same goes for your partner. On top of that, parenting means meeting a LOT of new people all the time. Chitchatting on the playground with someone you've never met? Yep, that's your new life!

You can experience EVERY EMOTION in under a minute

As a guy, it might be hard to understand all the mood swings women go through during pregnancy. But when that baby arrives, you will get an idea. Being a dad can be an emotional rollercoaster. You can go from red-faced anger to sobbing to becoming overwhelmingly sentimental in under a minute.

Your wardrobe will change

Picking out todays outfit? Get ready to ask yourself a) what's clean? b) what's not white? and c) what's comfortable to play in? You will most likely experience a change in style. Wearing that crisp white tee will be a thing of the past. A dad in white is like a Jackson Pollock canvas. It's just waiting to be covered in an explosion of colour.

You are now responsible in a way like never before

Fatherhood is a job that likes to make you feel constantly unqualified. You may question your ability to care for your child, and your subsequent worthiness, every step of the way. But rest assured, you are not the first dad to feel like this. We aren't programmed to be perfect at parenting, we are programmed to wing it. This applies to your partner as well.

Worth it?

Yet despite everything, when it comes down to seeing your new baby smile. That feeling is after all - priceless.

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