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Baby wearing for newbies (and newborns)

Baby wearing for newbies (and newborns)

Bonding, exploring and having two free hands. The pros of baby wearing are almost endless. And the negative effects are virtually nonexistent - if done in the right way. That’s probably why it has been done for thousands of years.

However, just because the concept isn’t new, it doesn’t stop it from being confusing for some. From soft structured carriers to baby wraps to kangaroo care, it’s not always easy to navigate the variety of products and styles. Here are a few questions that new parents often have and answers to help you on the way.

What are the pros and cons of using a baby carrier?

The benefits of babywearing are many. Your baby will naturally want to be close to you as a parent a lot. And having that physical contact makes the baby feel safe and happy in your arms. Babywearing skin-to-skin, also known as kangaroo care, also has several positive health effects for both you and your baby. Carried babies sleep better, have better body temperature and heart rates, cry less and are happier.

Parents who have tried it know it, and studies confirm it. A study made at Montreal University showed that babies that were carried at least three hours a day, cried and fussed 43 percent less than the ones that were not carried.

Are there any downsides or negative effects of babywearing?

Carrying in a baby carrier or baby wrap means having your baby close for the entire duration. This way, you’re always able to attend to your baby as a parent. This can be seen as the opposite of practicing “controlled crying”, a technique involving allowing your baby to cry for set periods of time teaching them to self-soothe. Being heavily used by older generations, newer moms carrying their babies might be subject to mom-shaming comments such as “babywearing spoils your baby”.

However, carrying your baby is proven to build stronger bonds between the baby and the parent through the ongoing physical and emotional constant. A study conducted in 1990 found that parents who carried their babies were more in tune with their children’s needs and built stronger emotional bonds, compared to those only using baby seats and pushchairs.

Another con on the list is that using a baby carrier can be painful for the baby wearer. There is an easy solution to this. Choose an ergonomic and comfortable baby carrier and you’re good to go (for a long period of time).

Is it safe to use a baby carrier?

One question often asked by new parents is whether babywearing is safe for newborns. The quick answer is yes! It’s good for the baby’s health and can make life a lot easier for you as a parent.

Babywearing promotes a healthy hip spacing and c-curve for the baby’s back, meaning that it has positive effects on the baby’s growth, weight gain curve and development. Just make sure you pick a hip healthy carrier and that the baby is in the right position when carrying.

When can you put your baby in a baby carrier?

You can bring a baby carrier with you to the hospital and start using it from day one. The closeness of the parent, feeling the heartbeat and the motion they feel while the parent is moving is familiar to the womb and soothing for the baby. That’s why so many babies love being carried in a baby carrier.

Baby carriers usually have different settings according to the baby’s age. Make sure to read the user manual and that the carrier is both made for and set to a newborn position.

Which baby carrier is good for you and your baby?

The best baby carriers for parents are both safe for the baby and easy to put on and off. When picking the right type of carrier that will suit both parents, it’s important that the design is made to fit all body types and that there are no settings to change between parents of different sizes or when switching carrying positions, especially when using the baby carrier regularly.

Buckling in the back can be close to impossible for men, while women are more used to fastening bras in the back and are in general more flexible. But there is no need for that extra fuzz when putting on a baby carrier. It should be easy, simple and comfortable.

Babywearing with Najell’s baby carriers

Carrying your baby in a carrier is a soft, cozy and comfortable way to be close to one another. Najells' baby carriers are designed to fit all and be worn on every occasion. Our carriers are made to fit different sizes, and body shapes and are easy to use – regardless of who you are or what you're doing. Whether you choose a wrap, baby carrier, or both, our products are ergonomic, easy to put on and easy to use. All of Najell's baby carriers are developed to give the baby the correct c-shaped position. Helping the physical development of the body. That’s why our baby carriers are recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as safe, ergonomic and hip-healthy products.