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First steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle

One of the major concerns that our world is facing today is global warming, climate change, air and water pollution and waste disposal. All things that affect our everyday life. We are all aware of the problems we are facing and that we have the responsibility to contribute to the fight. 

This can be complicated when having a baby. Even more so with more than one kid, when your time is limited and they seem to produce endless waste. Like so many things, it needs planning and organizing. These are the first steps to take, towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


If you are not already recycling your waste this should probably be your first step. Living in a country or a city that makes recycling a priority, makes this so much easier. But if not, we still urge you to recycle, at least to some extent. If the public authorities aren’t taking the first step, we should still try to do our part. We have no time to lose. Sorting paper and plastic is easy. If you make sure everything is clean you can store it and go to the recycling station twice a month. 

It’s certainly dependent on your living conditions, how easy and convenient it is to recycle. When the building you live in, or your neighborhood offers more options than throwing away general waste, it becomes much more convenient. Here you can read some great tips about recycling. 

Reduce your waste

When you start recycling, you realize how much waste you produce. Limiting the waste is maybe the easiest step towards becoming more eco-friendly. Starting with small steps like picking groceries that are not wrapped in plastic and put theme directly in your shopping basket if possible. Make the effort of thinking about the small steps you can do to reduce your waste. Soon it will become a part of your everyday life. The <em>small footprint family</em> has some great tips on how you can reduce your waste, which you can read by clicking here

Buy local and seasonal

We are not always aware of this, but many of the products in your local supermarkets have crossed a country, a continent, or even half of the globe before ending up in your shopping cart. Imported products result in more packaging and more greenhouse gases. By buying local you know the origin of the products and you limit transport pollution. Moreover, buying local products supports local farmers and local jobs and at the same time reduces transport pollution and can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

Eco-friendly holidays and weekends closer to home

If you share our goal, to become more eco-friendly, choosing to go on vacation closer to home could be a good idea. There are probably many great things to discover near your home accessible by bus, train, or a short drive away. It’s probably cheaper but also better for our planet.

Many of our actions and choices can have a significant impact on the environment. Try to think about how your actions affect the environment, when making small and big decisions. From what kind of coffee you drink to what kind of car you buy, if you decide to buy a car.

Earth Day was celebrated on the 22nd of April. On their webpage you can sign up and join their movement. There you can also find great tips about how to become more eco-friendly. Read more on their webpage.

Taking these simple actions, you will soon adopt new habits ... for a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

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