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Footmuff or no footmuff? How long can I use them?

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Footmuff or no Footmuff? How long can I use them?

Winter is coming. As it gets a little darker outside, we are all looking for something to warm us in the cold. But do you really need a Footmuff? The short answer is yes! A Footmuff is soft and comfortable for your baby during colder periods. But what many people may not know is that some models can be used for several seasons, and for several years.

What is a Footmuff? And who needs one?

Imagine the feeling of getting into a sleeping bag on a camping holiday, grabbing your duvet and curling up on the sofa on a cold October evening, or just getting a big hug. That's pretty much what it feels like to be put into a Footmuff. It's a cozy accessory that keeps your baby warm, dry, and snug in the cold.

How long can I use a Footmuff?

It's common to think that a Footmuff can only be used for a short period, and only during cold weather. But with the right model, you can use it from newborn, up to three years old (and sometimes even beyond) and in all weathers.

Keep your newborn warm

If you have a newborn or winter baby on the way, it's important to avoid exposing them to both intense heat and severe cold. That's where the Footmuff comes in. With a Footmuff, you can dress your baby in thinner layers when you're on the go, and just lift them out when you need to get back into the warmth. All of Najell's Footmuff's are adjustable. This way you can also make it cooler or warmer, by opening up or closing depending on the weather.

Can be used in your Babynest SleepCarrier and in all strollers

One Footmuff for each stroller? Is it really necessary? It might be easy to think so, but that's not the case. In fact, the right Footmuff has a longer life than many other children's products. The Najell Footmuff is an award-winning Footmuff that you can use in your SleepCarrier as well as in all pushchairs and strollers. So once your child has outgrown the SleepCarrier, you can continue to use the Footmuff in the stroller, making it the only Footmuff you need to buy. The zipper at the top and bottom of the lid makes the Footmuff easy to adjust and adapt to your child. The Footmuff is easy to attach to the bottom or back of the backrest of all types of pushchairs.

Choose a Footmuff carefully

Choose a model that can be used year-round…

A temperature-adjustable Footmuff can be used almost all year round. It is therefore important to have features that allow heat to escape, or cold to be kept out. If you want a Footmuff that you can use in both freezing winter and mild spring, choose one with a removable and adjustable lid. That way you can easily adjust to the weather and make sure your baby is just warm enough.

..and in different weather conditions

The material is also crucial. Many people think that down or wool is a must to make sure your baby is warm. But synthetic fibers keep you warm, insulate, and are lightweight. Even when in contact with water. All of Najell's Footmuff's are filled with Sorona. A recycled material that is both warm and fluffy. In addition, it is wind and water-resistant. So it can withstand any weather: wild winds, stormy rain, and soft snow. It makes it impossible to think of an excuse not to go outside.

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