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How to wear a baby carrier like a man

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How to wear a baby carrier like a man

The answer is simple. Identify as a man. Wear a carrier.

Even though a baby carrier is a great way for parents to stay active and have two free hands whilst keeping the baby close, it’s more common for moms to baby wear. A consequence of old societal norms, outdated stereotypes, and dusty expectations on parenting.

We want to change this! If you’re a dad who wants to try baby wearing but isn’t sure where to start, here’s a quick guide.

Why you should carry your baby as a dad

Babywearing doesn't just make it easier to stay active as a parent or to continue doing what you love post birth. But it is also is a great way for the dad to take part in parenting from the very start. Additionally, it triggers those caring instincts and creates a bond with the newborn. A study from 2016 shows that dads who carried their babies became more sensitive and loving, felt more secure, and showed more engagement in parenting. And most importantly, it increased the bond between the dad and the baby.

How to choose the right babywearing style

When picking the right baby carrier, there are a lot of options out there to choose from. You have the choice of wraps, soft structured carriers, and then a variety of styles. What's more, different carriers offer different holds, positions for the baby, and usage areas.

Firstly, it’s important to think about when you’re planning to use the baby carrier. For active parents that are always out on the move, or are using the baby carrier for longer periods of time, it’s important to look into the ergonomic support. Maybe you need a cozy baby wrap for those first months at home and a baby carrier when you’re starting going on adventures together?

After thinking about when and how you want to use the carrier, think about how many years you want to carry your baby for and in which positions. Make sure the baby carrier can withstand the baby’s weight, age, and can ensure a good position. If you want to be able to shift between parent facing, forward-facing, and back carrying you should probably go for a high-quality carrier. This way you can always be sure that the baby’s position is ergonomically correct.

What to look for in a baby carrier for dads

When you have decided on how and when to use the carrier, the final decision is to pick the right style and carrier for you. Today’s carriers are usually made for different genders. However, there are a few things that you should keep an extra eye on as a dad.

1. Adjustable sizing and comfortable to wear

A baby carrier that fits both parents will make parenting a lot easier. This way you can share the parenting load and take turns carrying when out and about. Also, adjustable sizing makes it a lot easier to lend the carrier out to your friends and family. Something very much appreciated when you need some alone time together and require a baby sitter.

2. Easy fastening and few settings

If the baby carrier comes with settings, an endless list of instructions, and complicated adjustments- you’ll probably never use the thing. Parenting is hard as it is. Trust us, you do not want to struggle for 20 minutes to get the straps fastened and your child positioned correctly.

3. No buckles in the back that are hard to reach

Of course, some men can be flexible, just as women can be stiff. But the fact is that most women are used to buckling bras and are in general more flexible. Buckling in the back can be close to impossible for men and there is no need for extra trouble when putting on a baby carrier. It should be easy, simple, and comfortable.

4. Cool, not only in style but also in temperature

Maybe you’ve had the discussion at home. The mom wants to turn the heat up because she’s constantly freezing. You, on the other hand, can’t stop sweating. There’s actually a scientific explanation of why it’s so hard to find the optimal temperature. Even though men and women have the same body temperature, men can actually feel a lot warmer. This is connected to higher metabolism and muscle mass. So, when choosing a baby carrier, make sure to pick one that’s cool to wear and adjusts to temperature.

A baby carrier for both parents

Najell’s goal is to make it easier for parents to continue living their own lives after becoming parents. We want to empower both moms and dads to find their own way of parenting. All our baby carriers are designed to fit both parents. With magnetic buckles and one-hand-fastening, you can insert your baby easily and still attend to them. The padded waist belt and shoulder pads make it comfortable to carry for longer periods of time and all models are easily adjustable to different sizes and body types.