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I'm pregnant- what do I need?

I'm pregnant - what do I need?

So you're pregnant, congratulations! Feels like a bit of a roller coaster right? One minute you’re excited, the next overwhelmed. Every pregnancy journey is unique but one universal truth remains: looking after yourself is a priority. We’ve compiled a selection of tips to support your self-care during pregnancy. 

A Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow, also known as a maternity pillow, is one of the best and invaluable self-care products that you can use in your pregnancy. Growing a human is wonderful, but it can take a toll on your energy levels and disrupt your sleep. There is no set time of when you should use a pregnancy pillow, but essentially they are designed to help ease your transition into a new sleeping position. So it’s good to have one ready early on just so nothing sneaks up on you.

It’s recommended for pregnant women to sleep on their side, both for comfort and safety reasons. Najell's Pregnancy Pillow helps you keep your spine aligned by supporting your body. It's designed to accommodate the contours of your pregnant body, relieving your legs and back. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in preventing you from unintentionally rolling onto your back while you sleep. 

Vitamins, supplements and nutritional support

The journey of nurturing a new life requires a lot of work and having a diverse diet to help you receive essential vitamins and minerals is necessary. In addition, supplementing your nutrition with key elements such as folic acid and prenatal vitamins to help support yours and the baby’s health should be part of your routine. But before starting anything, always seek out  personalised guidance from your local healthcare provider or GP. 

Maternity clothing

As your belly grows and your body starts to change shape, the feeling of comfortable clothing sounds even more appealing. Pregnancy should never have to force you to choose  between comfort and style. You want clothes that stretch and work with your growing bump. The Najell Maternity Collection not only offers beautiful clothing for your pregnancy, but works for your postpartum lifestyle. Whether it’s a breastfeeding top, a carrying jacket or comfortable trousers, Najell has you covered. And remember, just like your other clothes maternity wear should remind you how incredible you are, every time you get dressed. 

Lotions and potions

During pregnancy, your skin can go through various skin changes such as dry skin, acne, and even itching as the skin stretches. Alongside drinking lots of water, there are lots of suitable lotions on the market to help lock in moisture and protect your skin. Soaking in the bath, relaxing and looking after yourself can do wonders in helping you manage these changes. But always double check whether a product is pregnancy safe, and if you aren’t sure consult with your health provider. 

After pregnancy

A benefit of these products is that they are versatile beyond the pregnancy stage. For example, the pregnancy pillow can be used as a breastfeeding pillow or a feeding pillow. It also continues to provide comfort for sleeping or sitting postpartum ensuring that it remains a valuable companion on your parenting journey. 

The Najell Pregnancy Pillow boasts two integrated pillows which offer flexible support both during pregnancy and once your baby is here. With these two pillows you can adapt to different feeding positions like a U-shaped or C-shaped pillow.

Similarly, maternity clothes like the Najell Collection offer a dual purpose by facilitating nursing if you opt to breastfeed. Its stretchy and soft feel provides that much needed post-birth comfort.

We hope that these tips help you think about the self-care you need during your pregnancy and beyond.