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Packing List for your Hospital Bag

Packing List for your Hospital Bag

Baby on the way? Congratulations! If your due date is approaching it’s time to get your hospital bag together. And incase you aren't sure what you need, we have our list of essentials so you can make sure you are prepared.

Checklists for the Parents

For Mom


❏ Toothbrush & toothpaste

❏ Deodorant

❏ Travel size shower cream, shampoo & conditioner

❏ Body Lotion

❏ Skin-care Products

❏ Facial Wipes

❏ Lip Balm

❏ Nipple Balm

❏ Nursing Pads

❏ Maternity Pads

❏ Hairbrush

❏ Hair ties & hair clips (will be needed for long hair)


❏ Nursing and/or soft and comfortable bras

❏ Nursing Top

❏ Underwear (the bigger the better)

❏ Socks (soft and comfy)

❏ Your favorite PJ:s

❏ Bathrobe (comfortable and easy to put on)

❏ Loungewear (take wide and comfortable clothes with you, which you can put on and off easily)

❏ Slippers and/or flip-flops (so your feet will not get cold when you are walking around on the hospital's hallway)

❏ Going-home Outfit

❏ Glasses and contact lenses (pack glasses, contact lenses can slip and disturb while giving birth)

Comfy Items

❏ Earplugs (for those silent moments)

Your Najell Pregnancy Pillow (you will thank us later)

❏ Wellness products (if you decide to giving birth in a bathtub or if a special kind of music or scent always calms you, you should take massage oil, CD's, aroma lamps or bath additives with you)


❏ Hard candy, dextrose or mouth drops (to keep your mouth moist during labor)


❏ Phone

❏ Long-cord Charger

❏ Earbuds (to listen to all your favorites)

❏ Book and/or magazines

❏ Notepad or journal and pen (to scribble down thoughts, moments and memories)

For Partner


❏ Toothbrush and toothpaste

❏ Deodorant

❏ Travel size shower cream, shampoo & conditioner

❏ Face Wash

❏ Lotion

❏ Pain Killers


❏ Change of clothes

❏ Underwear

❏ Socks

❏ PJ:s

❏ Bathrobe

❏ Slippers

❏ Glasses and contact lenses (if you need them)

❏ An extra bag (for all the goodies from the hospital)

Paperwork, info and important stuff

Birth Plan (to share your expectations and preferences)

❏ ID and Wallets

❏ Insurance Cards

❏ Medical Cards

❏ Money (for the vending machines)

❏ Folder (for all hospital handouts)


❏ Phone

❏ Long-cord Charger

❏ Camera and/or video camera (to record this unique moment for eternity)

❏ Camera Charger and Batteries

❏ Speaker (for all those great playlists)

❏ Book and/or magazines

Checklist for the hospital

For the baby

❏ Bodies

❏ Socks

❏ A beanie or two

❏ Binky Blanket (a tip is to sleep with it a couple of weeks before, to get that familiar feel)

❏ A Najell Wrap (is perfect for carrying your baby, while bonding and being close)

❏ A Najell SleepCarrier (to carry your baby around without waking up the baby)

❏ Diapers (is usually provided at the hospital, but it's always good to pack some extra)

❏ Small towels (for unexpected mess)

❏ Baby Wipes

❏ Pacifier

❏ Car Seat

What's usually there?

❏ Bath Towels

❏ Hospital Gowns

❏ Basic Toiletries

❏ Disposable Underwear

❏ Grip Socks

❏ Thick Sanitary Pads

❏ Standard Pillow and Blankets

❏ Wheat Pillow

❏ Diapers

Call your mid-wife in good time before if you're not sure about what to bring or not.

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