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Planning a city life with a baby

If you have decided that you are staying the city, you are choosing a lifestyle. You might not need to own a car, but instead you will maybe spend a lot of money on the perfect stroller or a bike that can transport the whole family.

There are many things to keep in mind and take into consideration. Where to live, what baby gear to get, how much space you need and where you will you do your laundry. We have listed some thing to take into consideration when you are getting ready for the baby’s arrival.

Car or public transportation

Will you have to own a car, or will you get by using public transportation? This is certainly dependent on the city you live in, where you work and if schools or daycare are in the area. And if the city you live in offers good public transportation. 

With a baby and a toddler you usually go around with a stroller or a pram. That makes choosing public transportation easy. Taking the bus or the train is much easier than fitting the stroller in the car and making sure everyone is safely seated and fastened. In the bus you can have full attention on your baby, instead of being disturbed while driving. Last but not least, you will not have to interrupt your child's sleep. The baby might fall asleep in the car and wake up when transferred from car to stroller. Maybe the baby is be a sleep when it is time to go out and you have to choose between interrupting the nap or being late. Choosing public transportation removes this problem. Adding a SleepCarrier will make everything easier and you will be able to plan your day without having to think of your baby’s sleep routine.

Choose the right stroller

Even though your friends are raving about their stroller, it is not sure that the same one fits your needs. Living in the city you have to take consider bumpy sidewalks and at the same time make sure it’s compact and easy to fold. The stroller might have to fit in the elevator in your building, if there is an elevator where you live. Do you maybe have to carry the stroller up the stairs and into the apartment? Find out if there is a storage room or stroller room in the building you live where you can keep your stroller. If there is no elevator and no stroller room in your building, the stroller should be really easy to carry. If you like to do your grocery shopping locally and out with your baby, a big shopping basket is essential.

Here is a quiz that might help you choose the correct stroller. They might not get the right answer from the quiz, but answering the questions will help you better understand what you have to think about when choosing a stroller. 

Apartment and living conditions

Now that you have decided to continue your city life when your baby arrives, you have to rethink your current living situation. Is the apartment big enough and how much space do we really need. What do we have to do to make things work. Do we have to move or is our current apartment good enough? Few things to consider are.

Laundry options:&nbsp;</b>How is your current laundry situation? You need to do a lot more laundry when a baby has been added to the family. Having to go up 3 flight of stairs with your laundry basket and your baby is maybe not ideal. A baby carrier will make this task much easier. Being able to put your child in the carrier, gives you two free hands to carry the laundry, put it in the washing machine and take it out again. When deciding to raise a baby in the city, you are often deciding that you will get by with little space. But you should list out what is important and what isn’t. Do one of the parents work from home and needs to be able to get privacy when everyone else is at home? How many kids do you or plan to have? Will they share a bedroom? Do you need a balcony or is there a park or a playing ground close by? Maybe you don't need much space, but make sure everyone has what they need or if you can find a different solution.

  • Elevator: Think about what floor your apartment is on and if there is an elevator. How many floors will you manage to carry a baby and everything that comes with it? Make sure the stroller you plan to buy fits in your elevator.

  • Location: Most cities have public parks, playgrounds, activities and entertainment for families to explore. Research your area and if the apartment is close to any of these places. Often there are many different options that you don’t notice until you need it or think about it. Car traffic can be heavy in the city, which can both generate a lot of noise and be dangerous for a toddler.

What is best for my baby?

We all want what is best for our children. But there will never be anything that is exactly the right choice. If there is, you will probably not make the right choice, every time. It's just not black and white. However, you can always change your mind and decide to go in a totally different direction. When you are doing your best, making sure every family member has a possibility to be happy, you are on the right path. Our aim is to help you live the lifestyle you choose. Our products are made so you can continue your active lifestyle after becoming a parent. We think it is very important that everyone has the option to live the life they love, after becoming a parent.

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