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SleepCarrier: Your best friend during the summer heat

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SleepCarrier: Your best friend during the summer heat

The Babynest SleepCarrier has several functions. You can use it as a lift, play mat, baby carrier, and a baby nest. It is designed to be brought with you wherever you go, fit in your pram, and with the smart handles you can carry your sleeping baby without fear of waking them up.

So what makes SleepCarrier such a great friend on hot summer days?

1. Cool airmesh material

Its sides are made of a special breathable material called Airmesh. Meaning your baby can lie against it and breath through the material. Plus it doesn’t get hot and sticky with that warm summer sun.

2. Safety-tested baby nest

Najell's SleepCarrier is a safety-tested baby nest. The SleepCarrier's bottom mattress is designed not to be too soft as a mattress that's too soft can be a choking risk. Additionally, a firmer mattress makes it cool and comfortable during warm summer days.

3. The handles make it easy to carry around

You can easily lift the SleepCarrier out of the stroller or pram when going to a park or to the beach. And you can easily transfer it to the shadow without disturbing the baby’s sleep. Najell's Babynest SleepCarrier is therefore perfect during hot summer days.

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