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Summer activities for the family

Summer activities for the family

Farmers market

Looking to support local businesses whilst getting some tasty locally grown food? Most bigger cities, have a local market at least once a week. It's the ideal place to do the grocery shopping for the week and show your kids colourful displays of fruits and vegetables. With so many delicious smells and opportunity for your kids to pick their own fruit and veg, markets are a great way of encouraging trying more healthy food. Walking between displays will stimulate children visually and awake their senses. However, the market is often crowded so we suggest bringing younger kids in a Baby Carrier. It will be easier to get around while keeping an eye on your child. If the place is very crowded it's a good idea to use the SleepingHood, to protect a baby from too much stimuli.

A walk in the park

A perfect summer activity for the family can be visiting the neighbourhood park. The park is usually a calm and protected place where children can safely run around. And the trees make it easy to find a shade, when the sun is too strong. Public parks also often have playgrounds where children can play and meet other kids. 

Plus the park is a great (and usually free) option for parents who want to get their kids in the nature. There are plenty of opportunities for children to feed birds, see squirrels playing in the trees or a duck dabbling on a pond. Bringing your baby to the park is much easier with the SleepCarrier. The little one can lie in the babynest on the grass, in a secure and familiar environment. When the shade moves, it's easy to move the baby without disturbing any sleep.


Going on hikes is great for the mind and body. Taking a break from everyday life, exercising and surrounding yourself with beautiful landscapes, can make you feel incredible. And enjoying this in the company of your family, where you have time to talk about your plans and dreams... Amazing! The Najell Original Baby Carrier is perfect for short and long hikes, from newborn to three years old.

Enjoy coffee at your favorite spot

Bring the family to your favorite coffee spot. Sitting outside, weather dependant of course, whilst enjoying a fika with your family can be the perfect way to spend the day. But if you are concerned about your kids getting bored just bring a colouring book and colouring pencils. This way you can keep your toddler occupied and satisfied. You can even bring cards with you and play a card game together. If you have a baby, SleepCarrier is ideal for enjoying this time together.

Getting out there and enjoying summer is good for everyone. Just make sure to protect your children from the sun on sunny days. 

Learn more about sun protection and kids here.

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