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The 8 most given female names in Sweden in 2022

The 8 most popular girls names in Sweden in 2022

Looking for some Scandi baby name inspo for your soon to be little girl? Look no further as the results are in. We have listed Swedens top girls names of 2022. Who knows, their name could be in this list.

1. Alice

A classic, the most popular name in Sweden has its roots in Germany. Dreamy and lively like Alice in Wonderland, the carriers of this name stand out by their creativity. Blogger and entrepreneur in the world of fashion, Alice Stenlöf represents this character perfectly. She is both determined and also close to her community with her podcast "Alice and Bianca". "Allis" is a variant also used to spell this first name in the Swedish way. @alicesenlof

2. Maja

The second most given name this year is also of German origin. Often represented by determined and rigorous women, Maja's like to take on challenges. In Sweden, Maja Nilsson perfectly embodies this name with her committed personality, UNICEF ambassador but also blogger for ELLE magazine. @majanilssonlindelof

3. Vera

A name of Arabic origin meaning "true". Creative by nature, Vera's like to be inspired on a daily basis and need breaks from the routine.

4. Alma

Of Arabic origin, meaning "knowledgeable" or "hardworking", this name will create unique women. Alma's like to bring out the best in others and have that little touch of romanticism. Making them sensitive to the beautiful things around them.

5. Selma

In Arabic the origin means "peace", yet it also means "divine protection" in the Germanic tradition. Selma has a strong and enterprising character. But she can find it hard to slow down. Inspiring and committed, this name is made infamous by Selma Lagerlöf, the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.

6. Elsa

Short for Elisabeth, it comes from the Hebrew "God is fullness". Elsa's are scattered and curious, they love to have a dynamic daily life. Always looking for new challenges, they will be enthusiastic and passionate. Elsa Billgren is the proof of this: born in Goteborg, she is now a TV presenter and fashion blogger. With many strings to her bow, she has also devoted herself to writing several novels and short stories. @elsabillgren

7. Astrid

Astrid is a well known name in Sweden due to Astrid Lingdren. A novelist found on the Swedish currency and known for her writings for children, such as Pipi Longstocking or Ronya, Daughter of Brigand. Without a doubt, Astrids will have a dreamy character... maybe even an artistic soul!

8. Wilma

Wilma, diminutive of Vilhelmina (a little less modern...!) means "will" and "protection" in Germanic language. Romantic and sweet, if we had to find a flaw in the Wilmas we would say that they are sometimes too involved. With strong family values and a desire to avoid conflict, Wilmas will enjoy spending quality time with their loved ones.