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What should you put on your Baby Registry?

What should you put on your baby registry?

You are preparing for the arrival of your baby and you are incredibly excited but also overwhelmed. Don’t worry we have all been there! With so many baby products on the market, how do you know what you need? One way to ensure you have all the essentials ready is to create a baby shower registry. 

A baby registry list allows friends and family to purchase items you'll need for your baby, usually given at the baby shower. In this blog post, we'll list some must have items to have on your baby's registry. Some that are obvious and some you may not have thought of. So you can make sure you're fully prepared for your new arrival.

1. Diapers

Enough said.

2. Pregnancy/ Nursing pillow

If you don’t already have one, a Pregnancy Pillow is a vital addition to your baby registry checklist. Not only will it help you sleep and find a position you can melt into, but a high quality, flexible pillow will also be great for nursing when the baby is here. Najell’s Pregnancy Pillow has 2 smaller integrated nursing pillows making it the most flexible on the market. Allowing you to indulge yourself in ultimate comfort when pregnant and offer support to your baby when nursing. Add it on your baby registry, and thank us later!

3. Onesies

Onesies are essential for a newborn baby. They are comfortable, versatile, easy to use and can easily be used to layer depending on the weather. The benefit of putting Onesies on your baby registry, is that you can make sure you have enough to get you through those initial months.

4. Bottles and Feeding items

The NCT says you should have around 4 to 6 bottles and teats to get you started. So these plus formula, bottle warmers and sterilizers make an easy addition to any wish list. And although it isn't an essential, many mums depend on Breast Pumps. So you may want to think whether that could fit your lifestyle too!

5. Babynest

A babynest is a game-changer for new parents and an essential in Scandinavia. Making it a definite addition to any baby registry checklist. Najell Babynests are safe, comfortable, and act as familiar environments that your little one will love. The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier is a classic that fits in all prams and can be brought on the go and the Babynest Tulip extends as your baby grows. Giving you and your baby 9 months of a snug cocoon to sleep, play and bond in.

6. Car Seat

If you have a car you need a car seat, say no more. They are a great larger item to add to your baby registry list.

7. Bath items

To make bath time blissful you will want to make sure you have the right items. Many of which can be added to your babylist. A baby tub is a safe way to keep your baby stable and still while you bath them. But to actually get them clean, Najell’s soft washcloths are the best thing to wash off whatever their day brought them. And then the warm, gentle and absorbent towel material of Najell’s Bath Cape will get them dry in no time.

8. Baby carrier

The gift of having 2 free hands is one a parent can’t put a price tag on. With a Baby Wrap or Baby Carrier you have the ability to stay as close as skin to skin, but with the mobility you need to take on the day. Whether you prefer a Pre-tied Baby Wrap or a Baby Carrier, Najell’s carriers are ergonomic and easy to use. By including a Najell Baby Carrier on your baby registry checklist, you are investing in a practical and beneficial tool that will help you still do the things you want to do.

Learn more on how to pick the right baby carrier for you.

9. Medicine must-haves

Medicine cabinet must-haves are an obvious baby registry essential and as they are smaller items they make great gifts to add. You could include:

  • Thermometer 

  • Nail clippers

  • Syringes

  • Saline nose drops

  • Bulb syringe

  • Diaper rash cream 

  • Baby oil

  • Nipple cream (trust us on this one)

10. Stroller/ Pram gear

If you have a car you will need a car seat and if you have a stroller you will need stroller gear. And as there are a couple of products that are more crucial than others, making them the perfect additions to all baby registries.

Seat Liner

Accidents will happen, a lot. And having to constantly clean your stroller can be a nightmare. This is where adding Najell’s Seat Liner onto your baby gift registry comes in. Not only will it keep your little one cool and comfortable in the stroller, with its air mesh filling and soft padding, but it is a lot easier to clean. Plus the Najell Seat Liner comes with its own Detachable Light Footmuff.

Stroller Gloves

Weather can be unpredictable, even in spring and summer. And so you are going to want items on your baby registry that accommodate bad weather. Najell’s Stroller Gloves have a soft and comfortable fleece lining and a fluffy filling to keep your hands warm on the stroller. Trust us, when that inevitable spring wind hits, you will be grateful you added Stroller Gloves onto your baby registry.

Pram Pillow

One product you may not have on your babylist, that should be, is a Pram Pillow. Najell's Pram Pillow is a soft yet sturdy pillow that support your little ones back and arms so they can sit up in the pram. Meaning they can see you and the world around them. You can use one once your baby is stable enough to support their upper body when they sit up. Perfect for parents who want to nurture their babies natural curiosity and explore the world together.

Rain Cover

Mother nature loves to play games. And a particular favourite of hers seems to be, let's make it rain when no one expects it. Which can be a nightmare when out in your pram or stroller. But by having a Rain Cover ready under the pram, your baby can stay protected from that pesky wind and rain. Najell’s Rain Cover has a universal fit and is compact and convenient to bring. An amazing essential to finish your registry.

Diaper Bag

Diaper Bags are a necessity for all baby registries. Not only are they essential items for your stroller but also life in general with a baby. When looking for a Diaper Bag you will want to make sure it has sufficient space, compartments and is stylish so you can use it once your little aren’t so little. Najell’s Diaper Bags have 10 compartments, a thermo pocket and portable changing pad. All encased in a timeless beige or black design. The perfect combo of Swedish style and functionality.

We hope this babylist has inspired you to think of some new essentials that will make your life easier. But whatever you decide to put on your baby registry, or chose to buy yourself, make sure they are products that empower you as a parent. You are about to enter a whole new world and you deserve to feel supported and prepared. You've got this!

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