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What to think about when planning your nursery: Nursery Baby Essentials

What to think about when planning your nursery: Nursery Baby Essentials

Building your baby’s nursery room is something you will remember for the rest of your life. So it makes sense that such a significant milestone can bring out the perfectionist in us. And if you are someone who likes to plan, you can end up worrying that you don’t have all the necessary baby items. But don’t worry! At the end of the day the aim is to have a safe, cozy and functional space, filled with love, for your baby to grow up in. But to help make the journey as smooth as possible we have made a checklist with must haves for your baby nursery.

Time to get some baby room inspo!

Baby Crib or Bassinet with a Mattress

We know that newborns sleep a lot. In fact, they generally sleep around 12 to 16 hours in a 24-hour period. So obviously a baby crib or a bassinet is a must. Either one will work as long as the sleeping space is flat and firm. But it is recommended that you don't put anything else, other than a fitted sheet, in your crib or bassinet for the first 12 months. A clear crib provides better airflow to your little one. But where do I store all those items until the baby is ready? That leads us to the next baby nursery item.

Storage Bags

You will want to have an organized and tidy nursery room for your newborn. So where do you put all the items that you need for your newborn? Storage bags are the perfect place to put all your baby’s favourite stuffed animals, blankets, books, and toys. Save yourself some valuable space in the nursery, it's needed.


You have your Baby crib or Bassinet, depending on which one you chose. Now you need a crib mattress and a crib sheet. Let's start with the Mattress. Like anything, when looking for a mattress safety is always the number one priority. Make sure to get one that is breathable and easily washed. And in case no one told you yet, diaper leaks are not fun. Therefore a waterproof mattress protector is always a good idea.

Crib sheets

More on diaper leaks, as there can be a lot of them. We definitely recommend having at least two or three breathable fitted sheets. You will want to have some spares for between washes. 

Baby Mobile

Babies sleep a lot, we covered that. But sometimes they need a bit of extra encouragement. A baby mobile is a good way to help your baby go to sleep. Baby mobile’s also tend to be a great way of making your baby smile and engage. The benefits don’t stop there, most importantly a Baby Mobile promotes motor development. 

Baby Monitor

As we all know, safety is the priority. Therefore, another item that you need on your baby registry list is a Baby Monitor. An item found on everyone’s babies must have list, a Baby Monitor is an essentials for parents who will sleep in a separate room from their child. Ensuring you get alerted if your baby needs you. Also, it is good for your own comfort and reassurance as a parent that your baby is ok. 

Changing table

Poop and pee is inevitable meaning you need a changing table. Just like the sheets, we recommend you have at least two changing pads. And to stay organised in a notoriously messy process, it’s good to have diapers, baby wipes and other baby essentials close to you. A changing table takes up a lot of space. Meaning a Wall Hanging Storage for the diapers, baby wipes could be a lifesaver. 

Wall hanging Storage

Wall Hanging Storage is the perfect solution for keeping your nursery organized and well stocked, with things like baby wipes, diapers, clothes, and other baby essentials. A Wall hanging storage can save you a lot of valuable space. Especially when there are a lot of baby items to fit in one nursery. It’s good to always be prepared!

So we have covered changing nursery items like the changing table, diaper essentials and the necessary bits for your baby's sleep. Now it’s time to tick off the nursery essentials for feeding.

Rocking Chair

Feeding is a great opportunity to spend one on one time with your baby. And to make the most of this you should prioritise you and your baby’s comfort. You need to have a comfortable place to sit while feeding your newborn. The repetitive motion of a Rocking Chair will calm you and your baby while feeding. 

Nursing pillow/Pregnancy Pillow

With The Najell Pregnancy Pillow, you can either use the longer pillow when nursing - or two of the smaller pillows inside. It also allows for easy access to your chest and eases the strain on your back, neck, shoulders, and arms during mealtime. So, you can feel comfortable and enjoy the moment whilst creating a calm, cozy environment for the baby to nurse. 

Away from what products you need there are things to consider: limited space, safety, budget, picking options both you and your baby will love, it can feel like a lot. But don’t worry! Creating the perfect nursery for your newborn should be a fun and exciting experience. And now you have this list to refer back to that will cover the most important items for your baby’s nursery. The rest is up to your creativity.

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