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Why (and when) is a footmuff necessary for your baby?

A footmuff is not always at the top of the shopping list when you are preparing for your baby’s arrival. You might wonder if and/or why it is even necessary to buy one for your little kiddo. Below we list when and why a footmuff may be needed.

When can you use a footmuff?

Compared to other baby products, a footmuff can be used with a newborn to up to three years old, or even longer, if you are still using a stroller. Additionally, if you have an adjustable and temperature regulating model, you can also use it from early fall until late spring.

Why do you need it?

A footmuff is the perfect companion to your stroller, Najell Babynest SleepCarrier and to your Sunday stroll. Here are the reasons why.

1. It works as an extra weather shield for your stroller.

Most strollers only come with the basics and may not provide the insolation needed to keep your baby warm and cozy.

2. It can be used instead of a blanket and stroller liner.

A footmuff provides warmth and comfort just as well, or even better, as a blanket in the stroller.

3. It makes life easier when you’re on the run.

In a footmuff, the baby can wear less layers of clothing and when you go inside it’s easy to just lift the baby up.

4. It can easily be adjusted according to temperature.

When using the footmuff during colder days, you can easily make it cooler and let the heat out if necessary.

5. It is wind- and water-resistant.

It is therefore a must-have for the stroller during those unpredictable weather changes.

Najell Footmuff

The Najell Footmuff is an award-winning footmuff that fits all prams, strollers and especially the Babynest SleepCarrier. It has been named best ergonomic footmuff by Pricerunner. Its usability, smart features, high quality, and universal fit makes it a loved product by both parents and children all over the world.