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You will become a parent

"You will become a parent"

Are those the most powerful words uttered to man?

My wife Freja and I (co-founder of Najell) heard the words for the first time the week of midsummer of 2017. I still don't know if we have completely understood it but it feels incredible. Most readers here have of course experienced the same feeling. Even if I can bring my conscious mind to understanding that. My feeling is still that we are experiencing this for the first time in the history of mankind. That is how strong and unique the love feels already now before our baby has been born.

So small, so small and without us having met him we are already worried sick and hoping intensively that everything is going to be ok at every checkup. It is truly fascinating.

I, Niklas (founder of Najell) will from time to time post texts and photos of my journey towards becoming a parent for the first time. I am very excited and I am looking forward to it like nothing before.

Niklas Najafi

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