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Keep your identity after becoming a parent

Keep your identity after becoming a parent

Of course your life changes when you have a baby. You suddenly have this little one that you love more than you thought was possible. That being said, your new family member does require your attention ALL the time. Meaning little time is left for you. You might end up feeling stuck at home, breastfeeding, changing diapers, doing laundry and cleaning the house. Asking yourself if this is what your life will be from now on.

This is a very common experience for most new parents. However, this is not what your life has to become. It just takes balance.

No time to do the things you love?

The first few weeks with a new family member are amazing and difficult at the same time. You are all adjusting to your new life and the new role as parents. Your body is recovering from giving birth, adding lack of sleep. However, you are also stuck in a baby bubble, enjoying every movement of your little miracle. Then the routine and everyday life starts to kick in. Your baby isn’t sleeping 20 hours a day anymore and your partner is back at work. You are faced with the challenge of managing everything at home and realising that the free time you thought you would have isn’t really free time. Having “alone time” to do the things you love, is hard to find. 

Spend your days at home, or embrace the hustle of going out

Meeting a friend for coffee, suddenly turns into a nightmare. You have fed the baby, changed the diaper, put on clean clothes and have everything ready to go out. And now it’s time to change the diaper again. You are already 15 minutes late. The thought of just spending your days at home is tempting. Hoping your friends will take the time to visit. The work of going out is just too much.

Before getting into the habit of staying a home, think again. There really are benefits of going through all the trouble of going out of the house. The main one is that you continue taking care of yourself, doing the things you love, meeting people and holding tight on to your identity. Even though your most important role is now being a mother. It is most certainly not your only role or the thing that identifies you. This is very important to remember. Maybe your house isn’t shiny, dinner ready every night and a lot of laundry to do on the weekends. But who cares?

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