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Make your baby's room a cozy place to sleep with our selection of interior design. The sleek Scandinavian design and earthy, calming tones make it easy to add to every home.

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Najell Muslin Bed Set

Including a soft muslin pillow and duvet cover, Najell’s Bed Set makes the perfect companion to your little one's cot. The calming neutral colours are soothing for sleep and can match any nursery. And all materials are easy to wash and are gentle against your little one's skin. Dream big little one.

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Najell Cot bumper

Create a safe and snug bed time feeling with the Najell Cot Bumper. The protective padded sections are made of a breathable air mesh and lined with a soft muslin, that’s gentle against your baby’s skin. It’s adjustable according to the size of the cot or bed and is easy to install with the different tie cords.

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Najell Cot Organizer

Have all your baby’s bed essentials ready with Najell’s Cot Organizer. Through Scandinavian design and a soft muslin cotton, Najell’s Cot Organizer makes the perfect addition to any nursery. And with its adjustable tie cords it fit’s to any bed. It’s no secret that night changes and feeds can feel a little hectic at times. But by having everything you need waiting in your Cot Organizer, you can sleep a little easier knowing you're prepared. And that your little one will be back to sleep in no time.

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