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Najell gears up and enters China

Najell is a fast-growing brand for pregnant women and parents of children under three years old. The company has won several awards for its products and continues to grow profitably at a rapid pace. Now the company has taken the leap into China by starting a company and opening up for sales on the Chinese market.

In 2023, Najell registered a wholly-owned subsidiary in China and will start selling on the Chinese market in December.

"It has been an exciting process to set up the company, but this is just the warm-up. This is where the game begins and we start selling." - Says Niklas Najafi Kristensen, founder of Najell.

The subsidiary in China is Najell's first subsidiary but it is not the first time that Najell has set foot into Asian markets. The company has previously sold successfully through distributors in Korea and Taiwan. Together with a partner, Najell has built a store on the Tmall platform, where the company will initially drive sales.

"We see major positive macro trends among the younger Chinese population that match our values and what Najell stands for", says Niklas.

Najell is growing exponentially and the forecast for the year points to a turnover of over SEK 80 million. In 2022, the turnover ended at SEK 54.7 million.

"The key to the increase is word of mouth and that happy customers tell their friends and family that our products are comfortable, stylish, and functional," concludes Niklas.

About Najell

Najell AB is a family business that develops products for parents with an urban lifestyle. Najell focuses on developing products that enable individualism on the way to parenthood. The products should promote equality, sustainability, and high Swedish quality.

Najell was founded in 2012 when company founders Niklas and Freja realized the need to be able to rock children to sleep and move them without waking them up. This insight later led to the launch of the award-winning product SleepCarrier in 2014.


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