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3 tips for getting back into sport with the SleepCarrier

3 tips for getting back into sport & fitness with the SleepCarrier

Do you want to start exercising again postpartum? The first thing you should do is see your doctor to make sure you can start again without any problems.

Apart from that, we know it can be difficult to find the time and motivation to get back into any activity when you have a new family member. The days where you could just get up and go out whenever you want, feel far away. You have a little one now.

But does it need to be that way?...

You don't have to go straight back to exercise. You are realistically doing physical activity every day taking care of your child. But you can always try to take more walks in the pram, get out of the house and meet people again. All the little things add up helping you take of yourself and your mental health.

But if you want to workout more then the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier may help you do that. Here we list our favorite ways to work out more with our SleepCarrier.

1. Go for a walk

Getting some fresh is good for everyone. And you are likely to have more energy than when you started.

And the best part? You don't even have to time your walk around your baby's sleeping hours.

You can easily bring your baby from the house, into the pram in the SleepCarrier, without waking them. The SleepCarrier is a carrycot with handles that allows you to transport your baby comfortably from one place to another. So whether you stop for a coffee, visit a friend or take any other detour on your walk, your baby can keep napping.

2. Take your baby to the gym

Many gyms don't allow strollers or prams in the gym. However, you can leave it outside and just bring in the SleepCarrier. This way you can carry your baby around with you as you get in a good sweat.

Even if your baby isn't sleeping, they will probably enjoy watching you sweat and have fun whilst they are in their babynest. And they can always join in and do tummy time by unfolding the SleepCarrier and turning it into a play mat.

3. Baby-friendly classes

Many gyms offer baby-friendly classes where you can turn up to workout with your baby. In parent yoga, your baby is welcome and often integrated into the workout. These classes could be the ideal place to start exercising again, meet parents and let your baby meet other babies. Again, with the SleepCarrier, you can keep your baby next to the exercise mat. They will feel comfortable and safe whether they are playing or taking a comfortable nap.

Still difficult to find time for exercise?

If you still find it difficult to find time to exercise, you can read our article on how to make time for exercise when you have a busy schedule.

Exercising, getting out of the house and meeting people is great for your physical and mental health. Our products are designed to help you continue to be yourself by maintaining an active and mobile lifestyle, even after you become a parent.