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Working out with a newborn

Working out with a newborn

Working out with a newborn sometimes feels a bit overwhelming. When you recently became a parent you will be busy taking care of your baby and get in all the new routines. Even if it feels overwhelming, taking time to do some workout will do wonders for both you and your baby. If you are satisfied and happy, so is your baby.

Go out for a walk

Right after having a baby the best way to get some exercise is to put on some shoes, take the stroller and go out for a powerwalk. Your baby probably needs a nap anyway, so this will be a nice routine to do on a daily basis. The SleepCarrier is a perfect soft lift for your stroller. Thanks to the handles on the sides, it can easily be lifted out of the carriage, without disturbing your child's sleep.

Put on your workout outfit and be flexible

Probably you won't be able to workout at the same time every day. But if you put on your workout outfit it's more likely that you actually squeeze in some workout. 10 minutes of exercise is always better than nothing. And if you're already dressed, it's just to start.

Include your baby in your workout routine

When you feel a bit stronger and is ready to go to the gym, take your baby with you! Use the SleepCarrier as a smart babynest and take your baby with you during your routine. Tips put the SleepCarrier with your baby underneath you for plank and push-ups.

Working out will be something both you and your baby can enjoy! Good Luck!