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Yet another award for Najell

Niklas Najafi Kristensen and Najell were awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in Skåne 2024 on Tuesday afternoon, allowing them to compete for the national title of Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden.

The Entrepreneur of the Year award, presented by the organization Företagarna, recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate exceptional leadership, creativity, innovation, profitability, and social impact.

“We love to stay as close to our customer base as possible. This connection is what allows us to continually develop new and exciting products.” says Niklas Najafi Kristensen, CEO and founder of Najell.

“This fall, we are launching an advent calendar for pregnant women. It will be an exciting countdown and glow-up experience for everyone awaiting their little ones.” Niklas continues.

With this regional award, Najell AB advances to the national finals in Sweden, where Niklas and Najell will compete for the title of Entrepreneur of the Year. The national final, featuring the country's most outstanding entrepreneurs, will take place in the Blue Hall at Stockholm City Hall in October.