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To become a parent is the most amazing thing that can happen and probably the biggest adjustment for everyone involved. Najell is founded by the couple Niklas and Freja. We develop products with smart design. Well thought through functionality and an adult visual design are keys for us. SleepCarrier with all it´s functions has drawn interest from children psychologists due to how to product correlates with the attachment theory.

To listen first and then act is what drives the company forward. Do you want to be a of what we should develop next? Get in touch with us on our facebook page or email on We listen and always answer.

Niklas and Freja

Can my child sleep the entire night in the SleepCarrier?


Is the SleepCarrier safe?

SleepCarrier is developed according to EN 1466 that requires high safety standards regarding materials, use of chemicals and mechanical hazards.

For how long can you use the SleepCarrier?

You can use the SleepCarrier for the baby´s first year.

Can I wash the SleepCarrier?

SleepCarrier can be washed in 40 degrees. Remove the stabilizing board on the back side.

Can I use the SleepCarrier without the stabilizing board?

No, the SleepCarrier should only be used with the stabilizing board in place. With baby carriers without a stabilizing board there is a risk that the baby´s back will be bent in manner that might obstruct the baby´s breathing.

From what age can I use the SleepCarrier?

The SleepCarrier can be used with new born babies. Buy the SleepCarrier before the baby is born and keep it in your bed for a week. This will give the SleepCarrier your scent and help and calm your baby from the very beginning. With the SleepCarrier you can carry your baby from the time it is new born without risking to hurt the baby´s back.

Do the SleepCarrier have a front and back side?

Carry the SleepCarrier with the logo facing outward. The buckles are at different height and you get a better carrying angle for both you and your baby if you carry with your logo facing out. Apart from that the SleepCarrier is symmetrical.

What are SleepCarriers measurements?

SleepCarrier has a stabilizing board that is 50*28 cm. That are the measurements that have to fit in your stroller for the SleepCarrier to work as a carry cot in your stroller. SleepCarrier as a mattress is 105*67 cm. Depending on how tight you pull the cordlocks on the short ends the SleepCarrier can be different measurements between the smallest 50*28 cm to 105*67 cm. In a normal carrying mode the SleepCarrier has the inner measurements 65*35 cm which gives your child plenty of space to grow in.

How should you wear the harness?

Watch the instructions in this film.

Terms and conditions

Our complete terms and conditions is found here.

This is where you can buy your own SleepCarrier

The following stores are selling SleepCarrier. If you want to become a reseller, contact us on



Kokono – Dreikönigsstrasse 15, Frankfurt am Main


Kidsloft, Patersstraat 8, 2300 Turnhout

0032 (0)14410862

BabyPlus Vanderstraeten, Brusselsesteenweg 161, 1785 MERCHTEM

0032 (0) 52370134

The Netherlands

Babyzaak het Hobbelpaard, Molenstraat 157-159, 5342 CA OSS

0031 (0)412-453517


Stjernbarn – Vinterbro Senter Sjøskogenv. 7 Vinterbro

Engler & Cowboyer – Jernbanesvingen 6 Gjøvik

Babycare – Tordenskjolds gate 9 Kristiansand

Barnevognservice – Liamyrane 1 Åsane


Torgboden – Västra Stationsgatan 8


Babyproffsen Borås – Källbäcksrydsgatan 2


Babyproffsen Backaplan – Backavägen 1

Storken – Vintergatan 6 (Sannegården)

My Baby – Gamla Flygplatsvägen 24 Torslanda


Lekia – Gallerian Storgatan 19


Babyproffsen – Banvägen 25


Lekia Lund city – Bangatan 12 A


Babyringen – Hornyxegatan 9


Lek & Hobby – Skålmyrsvägen 33


Babyproffsen – Norra Metallvägen 1 C


NK Lek & Baby – Hamngatan 18-20a

Startup Store – Kulturhuset markplan

Lekia Sickla – Siroccogatan 10

Familjetorget – Ormingeplan 3

Barnbutiken – Gamla Brogatan 26

Barnbutiken – Götgatan 68

Babytown – Fleminggatan 95

Babyproffsen Barkaby – Herrestavägen 28

Babyproffsen Bromma – Ulvsundavägen 185 C

Babyproffsen Lindhagen – Warfingesväg 16

Babyexperten – Sveavägen 138


Babyproffsen – Gesällvägen 18


Babyproffsen – Wedavägen 10


My Baby – Gamla Flygplatsvägen 24


Babyproffsen Umeå – Björnvägen 1


Barnens Land – Hallstagårdsgatan 7


Våra Små – Kungsgatan 2


Gulf Coast Countries

Hästens Store – Sunset Mall Dubai