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More time for you. Discover the free and empowering feeling of a Najell Baby Carrier. Whether you’re at home or exploring the world together, baby carrying is a soft and comfortable way to stay close. Using a baby carrier or pre-tied wrap allows you to have two free hands to bond with your newborn and to live an active life.

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Easy, lightweight and ergonomic carrier

Our baby carriers are designed to fit all. It’s important that carriers are made to fit different body sizes and shapes, and are easy to use – regardless of who you are. When designing a carrier good for both parents, it’s important to have simplicity, comfort and safety in mind. Najell’s goal is to make it easier for parents to continue living their own life after becoming parents. That’s why we design products that are easy to use and that enable a mobile lifestyle. We want to encourage parents to share the responsibility and help each other be able to have their own time and own life. Our products are developed to fit both the parents and the baby's needs. A baby carrier from Najell grows with the child and is made to be able to use from day one. The baby carriers undergo an extensive medical examination and we have been in dialogue with medical experts during our product development. Babycarrying in a Najell product helps the baby to sit in the correct c-shaped position and is good for the physical development of the body. That’s why our baby carriers are recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a safe product.