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Najell Footmuff
Najell Footmuff
Najell Footmuff
Najell Footmuff
Najell Footmuff

Najell Footmuff

Pitch Black - Overlapping

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  • Fits in SleepCarrier

  • Fits all prams and strollers

  • Water repellent

  • Keeps them warm down to -20 degrees

  • The Najell Footmuff is the only footmuff you need. It fits easily into your SleepCarrier, pram and stroller. And it's easy to adjust according to the baby’s age and the weather outside. It’s perfect those winter chills or those days when summer stops feeling summery.

    Smart and flexible footmuff

    The Najell Footmuff is designed with inspiration taken from Swedish winters. With it's sleek, Scandinavian design and soft, snug fleece lining, it’s the ultimate addition to your baby gear collection. Najell's Footmuff is made to endure all weather types: wild wind, stormy rain, and crispy snow. The water-repellent material, thick padding, and temperature regulating features make it impossible to come up with excuses to not go outside.

    Easy to adjust according to weather and wind

    Starting to get a bit warmer? No problem, you can open up the Najell Footmuff, according to the weather, by just undoing the buttons.

    Specially developed to fit your Najell Babynest SleepCarrier

    The unique shape of the Najell Footmuff allows you to use it from day one up to 3 years. Thanks to its design, it fits in all prams and pushchairs and also perfectly into your Najell SleepCarrier. It’s made out of durable, high-quality materials and is designed to be used over and over again. Once your baby has grown out of the SleepCarrier, you can continue to use it in the pushchair, making it the only footmuff you need to buy. When your baby is older, you can pass it on to the next baby – and the next.

    Best Footmuff for all prams and pushchairs

    Najell's Footmuff is an award-winning footmuff that fits all strollers. It has been named best ergonomic footmuff by Pricerunner (in Swedish). The Najell Footmuff is designed to stay in place at all times, no matter how you use it. It fits easily in your SleepCarrier, pram, and/or stroller by folding over the upper part and pocket flap. The easy and smart features, useability, high quality, and universal fit make it a loved product by both parents and children all over the world.

    Environmental and vegan-friendly materials

    The filling in Najell’s Footmuff is made of Sorona, an alternative to down which consists of recycled polyester. This material is fluffier, warmer and more breathable than other types of fillings. After contact with water, it dries fast, keeps the temperature and is even warmer than down.


    • Shell: 100% Cotton

    • Lining: 100% Polyester

    • Filling: 80% Sorona Polyester, 20% Polyester

    All textiles/materials have been tested and approved free from harmful substances by a market-leading test institute.

    All parts have been tested and are free from harmful substances.


    Wash in 40°
    No dry cleaning
    Do not use fabric softener
    Do not tumble dry





  • What size is the Najell Footmuff?

    Our footmuff has the dimensions 115 x 46 cm.

    Is there a maximun weight or age limitation on the footmuff?

    The Footmuff is suitable from newborn up to 3 years old, regardless of weight.

    How do I attach the Najell footmuff to the stroller?

    The Najell Footmuff is easily fitted to your SleepCarrier, pram, and/or stroller by folding over the upper part and pocket flap. On pushchairs that have a folding seat (eg Bugaboo) you can also attach the footmuff to the seat.

    Can I take off the top of the footmuff?

    Yes! With two zippers, you can both open the footmuff partially but also remove it completely.

    Is the footmuff adjustable?

    With the zippers, you can adjust the length of the top, to fit your child and stroller.

    Are there openings for harnesses in the footmuff from Najell?

    Yes, there are several openings to fit all pushchairs and harnesses. You open the Velcro and conceal it easily if you don’t use a harness.

    Can I use the Najel footmuff in a baby car seat?

    The Najell Footmuff is not designed to be used in a baby car seat. Instead, we recommend using the footmuff in your pram or the Najell SleepCarrier.

    Is the footmuff warm?

    Yes! Our footmuff is designed to suit Scandinavian winter and keeps your child warm without sweating.