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Is it worth having a baby carrier?

Is it worth having a baby carrier?

We answer some of your most common baby carrier questions

Whether you want to use a baby carrier or a baby wrap you might have some queries before using one. In this article, we’ve compiled your most common baby carrier questions to help you decide what is best for you and your baby. 

Can I breastfeed my baby when they are in a baby carrier?

No matter how you choose to feed, your choice is the right one for you and your baby. Those who choose to breastfeed may find it tricky when they are out and about or maybe trying to look after another child. But feeding in your baby carrier can be really convenient. All of Najell’s baby carriers are designed with breastfeeding in mind. Both the Najell Wrap and Najell baby carrier’s have adjustable straps for easy feeding access.

Tip: Try practising breastfeeding positions at home in a calm environment to help feel what is right for you and the baby.

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What is a hip-healthy baby carrier?

Hip healthy baby carriers can prevent hip problems if you are using the correct type of carrier and positioning. All of Najell's baby carriers are recommended as hip healthy carriers by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Hip dysplasia is a condition that 1 in 100 babies are treated for where the "ball and socket" joint of the hip does not properly form in babies and young children. The correct positioning of a baby in a carrier can help prevent and support a deeper development of the hip sockets.  

In a hip-healthy baby carrier, the newborn baby’s legs are placed in an M-position, which is beneficial for healthy hip development, and especially important during the first weeks and months of the baby’s life. This squat-like position benefits healthy hip development and even decreases the risk of hip dysplasia. Similar to breastfeeding, it’s always great to have practice at home and check positioning in the mirror. For you visual learners, we have plenty of videos showing you the best positioning for you and the baby. 

Is babywearing safe?

Yes! However, when choosing a baby carrier it’s always important to look for safety tested carriers. As well as being safe to use, baby carriers have so many amazing benefits. For example skin-to-skin carrying has positive effects on both the physical and psychological development of the baby. Research has shown that this skin to skin can help reduce stress and make the baby feel safe, thus reducing crying. By using a baby carrier, you as a parent don’t have to plan your life according to your baby’s sleep schedule. Meaning you can continue doing the things you love while having your baby close at all times.

It’s important to note that most baby carriers will have been designed to comply with applicable safety requirements in mind. When researching, look out for the safety-tested and approved standards. When you finally choose your carrier, be sure to use the carrier correctly, taking note of correct positioning (most carriers will come with a user manual) and that the baby is monitored regularly when in the carrier.  

Read more: Check out our tips for safe baby wearing

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Can my baby be in a baby carrier from birth?

Yes, absolutely! You can start using most baby carriers from day one. The skin to skin contact can help regulate your babies temperature and heart rate as well as help you both bond. The Najell pre-tied baby wraps are also great for the early stage of the baby's life to help them feel safe and close to the parent. Kangaroo care is a way of giving babies, especially premature babies the benefits of skin to skin contact. The Najell Wrap (a pre-tied baby wrap) is designed with this in mind and is used in neonatal departments in Sweden for this reason. 

What are the benefits to baby carrying?

So many! Firstly, having hands free access is so beneficial for parents to keep active and get on with their day. In addition, keeping a baby upright for periods of time can have benefits for digestion, especially if they suffer from reflux. It can also help with postpartum recovery and bonding with the baby. The closeness can also have huge benefits for the baby’s physical and psychological development. In addition, baby carriers offer psychological benefits for the mother and create lovely bonding moments for the dad too. 

We hope this article informs you of the benefits to baby carrying. There can be so many wonderful moments when carrying your baby. If you’re unsure, please watch our videos on positioning and practise what is best for you and your baby. 

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