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Things your baby carrier can be used for that you haven't thought about

Carrying scarves, large scarves that snuggle in and bend around the body, have been used by a people for millennia. Baby carriers have also been used for a long time. North America's inhabitants designed simple carriers, similar to planks they lashed together with small children and carried on their backs, already hundreds of years ago. The "modern" variants of the phenomenon began to be manufactured in the 60s in the United States. Today, they are one of the more popular products among parents, especially urban parents, and are almost as common in the western world as the baby carriage.

Last year, Najell made a contribution to the baby carrier tradition when we released our Najell Baby Carrier, the most beautiful carrier in the market, which is also an ergonomic market leader.

Baby carriers can be used for a wide variety of things. Here we list a few things you (maybe) haven't thought of:


Some mothers learn to breastfeed while wearing their baby carrier. The child can easily be "mounted" to the mother's chest and eat "on the go" or while the mother is doing something completely different at the same time.

Sleeping pill

Sometimes it's just hard to get your child to sleep. Especially indoors and especially for the much needed naps. A baby carrier can do the trick. At home, by air, by train. Just by throwing the little rascal in his harness and walking back and forth a few turns, the little one rocks to restful sleep. It's warm and cozy too.

Hiking equipment

Put on the baby carrier and go out in the wild. With a good carrier you can already begin hiking with a newborn. They can often sit for a long period of time, in a carrier without feeling uncomfortable or complaining. Often they sleep nice and long.

Learn more about hiking with a baby carrier here.


By carrying in a baby carrier you provide your baby with your own body heat. The risk of the child getting cold and suffering from hypothermia is therefore dramatically decreased.

Learn more about the benefits of babywearing here.

Getting things done

Most people associate carriers with the outdoors and transporting: walking and so on. Actually, one of the main advantages of the carrier is how useful it is at home. Caring for a little baby takes up a lot of time. Then it's gold to be able to buckle on the little one while you vacuum, clean, mow the lawn, or what household chores you need to do.

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